Bird’s yard craft fair

Hey readers, I know it has been a super long time since my last post. I have been adjusting to life in the real world now that I have a job and not as much free time anymore but I feel like I am about to get back into the swing of things. Makers meadow is attending a craft fair this Saturday 21st and I invite you to come join us for a peruse and a shop if you can make it to sheffield. There will be lots of other craft stalls from independent creators throughout sheffield and I am really looking forward to it. Stop off and say hi if your come by.



Around Sheffield in 30 Days: Part 1

30 Days of free stuff in wonderful SheffieldMe and H have been in Sheffield for a few weeks now and as with all house moves its been very stressy and boring in places. We are still waiting on a lot of things to happen like internet to be installed and new carpets to be fitted but we are getting there slowly but surely. I initially said I wanted to do something new everyday upon my arrival in Sheffield but reality is a lot different to expectations. So instead I am going to update as I go along but with a focus on 30 free things to do in Sheffield which will come in handy since I am unemployed with dwindling money, Yay!

Sheffield Central Library

The first thing I did was join the local library services and popped on down to the central library not far from the train station. Being use to the huge libraries at Uni it was a little smaller then I expected but had a large range of fiction books. I however headed towards the History section to find something a bit more hefty and happily sat for an hour finding out about a literary group in the 18th Century called the Kit Cat club. I know it doesn’t sound thrilling to everybody but its my kinder thing. Libraries have always been a free haven to get out of the cold and wet and sit with your feet up for an hour or three. Its a good reminder for us all to use them more often especially with more and more closing, if you show support for them it will encourage the government to leave them well alone. In Sheffield their are dozens of libraries and archives to access and that includes books, CDs, DVDs, clubs, internet access, historical archives and a free place to chill out.


Almost right opposite the central library is the beautiful and stunning Winter Gardens. Basically a large greenhouse made out of huge arch shaped timber and glass ceiling bang smack in the middle of the city. It really is a little haven, with brilliant plants and flowers to look at and plenty of places to sit and chill. Its nice and warm to protect the plants as most are of the exotic variety which makes it the perfect place to escape from the wet and windy winter ahead. I like the feel of it as a community place, its very relaxing and open so any one can come in to enjoy the surroundings. If your feeling flush there is a little cafĂ© at one end of the hall for tea, cakes and a spot of lunch. For more free entertainment the winter gardens is connected directly to one of Sheffield’s many art galleries, the Millennium Gallery

Millennium Gallery

On my last visit to the gallery, me and H sat in on an exhibition by Sheffield born artist Chris Watson who created a soundscape of the city, ‘charting its boundaries on the edge of the Peak and travelling its waterways to the bustling heart of the city’. The large gallery room was fitted out with full 360 degree speakers surrounding four sofas and a carpeted cushion area in the middle. It was a brilliant exhibition to introduce you to the sounds and sights( there were photos of the city projected on the wall) of Sheffield. It was incredibly relaxing, except for the football chant bit, and I almost nodded off several times. The exhibition continues till February so plenty of time to get down to it. I am looking forward to seeing more of the gallery, its split up into exhibitions so you can view one at a time, but I did manage to look in the gift shop and there are some really cool items. That’s Christmas sorted then ;)

I shall be continuing my exploration of Sheffield next week with more free things for you to enjoy


X xxx