DIY Notice board

notice board in placeAs part of my January Cure challenge I had to sort out our entry way and create a landing strip. We use the back door that leads into the kitchen as our entry way as the front door leads only to the living room door and the stairs so no place to store coats, shoes etc. We keep coats in a little cupboard in the kitchen which is under our stairs (also houses our meters and surplus dried foods). There isn’t much space elsewhere and we have our kitchen table immediately there as you enter our home but I found a brilliant simple shoe cabinet from IKEA that fits a perfect gap between the doorway and table. It means we can take our shoes off at the door and not drag dirt into the house. The cabinet top makes a great place to keep papers, pens and important info for the house on but it kept on getting very cluttered and turned into a dumping area. So to resolve this I made the notice board I had into a catch all board to take clutter off the surface but keep the info and stationary we need close at hand. It also looks a lot neater and prettier then a plain cork board too.

noticeboard placementYou will need: A notice board, Fabric to cover the board and extra for pockets, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread and a staple gun

I collected all of the items that were lingering on and around the board and sorted into keep, chuck or move to another room. I then decided how I wanted to store the items I was keeping on the board. I wanted three pockets, one for stationary, one for important mail and one for coupons/vouchers plus I wanted to add a calendar to it. I measured the noticeboard against my chosen fabric (some off cuts from some old curtains) and measured out my pockets, then marked and pinned where I wanted them to go on the main fabric piece. I sewed the pockets down using a decorative zig zag stitch but you can use a needle and thread if you don’t have a machine. I was lucky in that my fabric for the pockets already has a neatly stitched hem, making the pocket opening very neat. You can do this too by first sewing a hem before you attach the pockets to the main fabric piece.notice board pockets

I then stretched the fabric around the notice board on one side, rolled the edge over to make a neat finish then stapled the fabric in place. I then stretched the fabric to the other side and repeated the process. Do this on all four sides to complete. Always stretch and staple the opposite corners to the staple before and you should get a nice smooth finish. I then just propped it back on the shoe cabinet and added the essentials I needed. I also drove a pin nail through the cork for somewhere to hang my calendar.

notice board complete

It definitely makes the place look neater and keeps things in order. I also added the word art our friend James gave us as a house warming present, great inspiration for when you leave and come home.

I can I will I did


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