They will be missed but they will be remembered


I wanted to share with you the sad news that too brilliant activists died this week and how much I respected them for their beliefs and their determination to act upon those ideas. On Tuesday 11th Bob Crow, leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, died of an apparent heart attack. He defended the workers in his union and encourage other unions to do so in fighting against those who refused to pay a decent living wage especially in difficult and unsafe working conditions. He was untiring in his quest to uphold workers right and dedicated to attack the cuts that have damaged our country. He was never afraid to say what he thought and never faulted I his conviction to support his men and women.


Today it was also announced that Tony Benn, an ex MP and political campaigner died at home surrounded by his family. I have always respected him having learnt during my a-levels how he successfully campaigned to remove the hereditary peerage for the House of Lords he had gained upon his father’s death in order to re stand for election to the House of Commons (you can not be a member of both houses and he wanted to be elected by his constituents rather then automatically be part of the lords where no vote is needed for a hereditary peer. He too was dedicated to the workers, supporting the strikes of the 80s and called for parliamentary and policy reform often and vocally. He retired as an MP in 2001 saying he was leaving “parliament in order to spend more time on politics” and focused on fighting the cuts and the stop the war coalition. He will be truly missed but always remembered.

X xxx