Little House: Craft Room

This weekend felt like the first time our new home started looking like a home but there is still quite a lot needed to do when it comes to prettifying the place but the bare bones are there. I finally have a set up craft room now, I have storage and desk to work my magic on. I am planning on painting the room, changing the ugly curtains that have been left behind and as it is our spare room a sofa bed will be moved in as well. I’m looking forward to getting back on with making more items for the shop and will need to make lots more as I will be attending my first fair in early December and want to make sure I am well stocked just in case. Here are a few photos of my crafty/studio room in a bit of a mess but It means I now have some where to work. I will show it off properly when its just right, whenever that will be.

Plenty of Storagelittle ladypin lady time to get working

Btw Ikea furniture is good and pretty easy to put together but it takes FOREVER to make!


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Everyday Etsy: Going Green

I recently haven’t done any shopping posts and I want to refresh them a little before I got back to posting them. I feel I got too obsessed with the look of them and create a cohesive board with simply colour was a sure fire way to include items I may not of whole heartedly loved. For my next shopping lists I am going to focus more on products that are great and fit for use as well as gorgeous and this starts with a list of products to help you move towards a greener life.


Its not always easy being green and sometimes you might feel you don’t know where to start when it comes to helping the environment out. You can’t simply change everything you do in your day to day or chuck out all  your household goods and replace them with eco alternatives. I think I much better way to tackle environmental problems in your home is to take one step at a time. This green shopping list shows you normal everyday items but the eco alternative. Swap your usual product for one of these every week or month and eventually you will have transformed your home into a green haven. My favourite idea from this selection are the reusable paper towels by MamaMade which are wound up in a roll and have snap on poppers so you can rip off each section as you would traditional Kitchen roll. Just whack them in the wash after use and you’ll save money and the planet. Click on the photo to see the full list.


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Old Things, New Things

kitsch french style

Since we have finally moved evething to our new home i am rediscovering some old things and finsding new things to fill our happy home.It’s nice to remember memories and sometimes use things you haven’t had a change to play with because you’ve been living out of a suitcase and make souffle out of your never used ramkins isn’t top of the agenda.part of me

It’s starting to feel like home, espcially with items that are so important to me which i haven’t been able to see in over 9 months, it can be a real pleasure and now i can get back to doing the things that make me most happy, like sewing, cooking and DIY.


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Blank Canvas

Finally can get things moving on putting our little home together. Paul has amazingly put together the room and created a blank canvas for me and Harry to inject our own personality into the place and make it comfortable. Still super busy and it’s still taking time to settle into a routine, hopefully once we get our stuff in to the flat every thing will fall properly in to place. Spending a few days away visiting friends and family and having fun. IMG_4859



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Busy Busy

Just a little catch up to say that everything is going fabulously at the pub and we are busy with changing a few things around the pub and planning events for the coming months. I am also incredibly busy decorating our flat as it needs lots of work. Gonna be a little while till its liveable but looking forward to getting it done and moving all our stuff in. Here are a few sneak peaks of the flat in it’s current state and so you will see why there will be lots of diy decorating and upcycling ideas coming your way next month.

stairs living room rubbishlving roomspare room
spare oommaster bed roomkitchen


More pics soon after i’ve strippped the walls and ripped the carpets out :D


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15 Uses: Lids and tops

This week we have something interesting to upcycle which is often forgotten about and there is normally no standard facility to recycle them and thats lids. You can recycle glass bottles, plastic containers and but what do you do with the lids and tops? Most of the time they are not supposed to be chucked in with the rest of the recycling, though i’m sure many people do, so what are the alternatives? Upcycling of course! So here are 5 ideas for your home, 5 for the kids and 5 for games all using different types of lids and tops

5 home decorations
1. Cover the whole side of your house with colourful plastic tops making a mosaic out of throw away items. A glue gun and patience is all you need
2. A little bit easier then number one, glue together plastic tops to make a easy door mat to scrap your muddy boots on, luckily its wipeable and waterproof

3. Make a great light shade with old lids, this one uses ones from coffee cups and once you’ve used them all make sure you use a refillable cup next time you go to your local coffee shop for a cappuccino

4.  Use old paint lids and bottle tops to make colourful wall flowers for a boring garden fence, simple but really brightens up the place

5. This looks brilliant. Use beer bottle tops to make a tile splash back with a colourful pop. Not sure what you would use to set them in to the wall would have to be a waterproof material maybe some sort of grouting. Any ideas ppl?

5 for fun and games

1. Make a matching game by printing off or cutting out of magazine a set of images, You will need two sets of the same imagine. Glue each image into the inside of a deep top. Turn over and let people find the matching ones, great memory game.

2. Make a simple tic tac toe using coloured caps in two colours for crosses and noughts and use a big lid for the arena, drawing on four crossed lines to create the grid.

3. Make a beer bottle  top wind chime. Hang out of the way of little hands and let them listen to the sounds it makes in the wind.

4. Make a simple rattle instrument joining pieces of rolled up newspaper with tap and attaching a piece of cord or string with several bottle caps strung on. Great fun for kids and adults.

5. Use lids and tops for checkers or decorate them with images to make a chess set, you could pick your own characters and make a chess set featuring the whole family.

5 lids for the kids

1.  This food mural in a school canteen is a great idea to promote healthy eating and bring recycling and upcycling in to school. You could make a simpler one in your home, just need a base board, glue gun and lots of tops.

2. Make a simple counting game to help youngster with their maths, you could use lids and tops for lots of different scenarios to help improve children s mental arithmetic

3. Make a upturned top into a mini boat, gluing a tooth pick and a sail on to it. Simple but fun, why not make a whole fleet.

4. Get the kids to make little characters with colourful tops and some googly eyes. Limits are only your imagination.

5. Make simple stamps out of cut out foam attached to the top of the tops. Simple painting for a wet day in.

I love that i have found so many ideas for these often hard to recycle pieces, check out the pinterest board for more ideas as i found lots and lots


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15 Uses:Pallets

Not your every day household rubbish but there is always a pallet here and there, dumped at the back of a house or in a skip. If you don’t come across any ask your local tradesmen if they have any, pallets are used to delivery ton of different items so chances are you’ll know business that has some lying around and they’ll be more then happy to let you take them off their hands. Today’s 15 uses will show you some great ideas for heading in from the cold, and displaying your favourite things in your home but there are also ideas for the garden. Just because it’s autumn or winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy working in the Garden, there is plenty to do while you don’t have to tend to your spring and summer plants and get ready for next year.

5 pallet uses for when coming in from the cold.

1. Park your muddy bikes and scooters in upturned pallets, it will keep them upright, out of the way and the rest of your garage or hallway mud free. You could staple gun PVC or plastic lining to the bottom to make it waterproof and mud-proof to protect your floor.

2. Now get your muddy shoes off and put them on an already made shoe rack, from a upright pallet. Simple and easy, screw into your wall for further stability.

3.  Attach hooks and pegs to a couple of upright pallets to create a coat and hat rack. You could even use the bottom as a shoe rack just like no.2.

4. Once your inside and dry, why not snuggle up in a little reading nook made from pallets and a cut to order piece of fabric covered foam. Add your favourite books, some cushions and a throw to make a cuddly place to hang out for the winter

5. Put your hot coco or mulled wine right next to you on a pallet built coffee table. Add a shelf for storage and you could even add wheels to make it easier to move around.

5 Display Ideas

1. An upturn pallet suspended from the ceiling with a few added hooks can make the perfect pan storage with extra room on top for casserole dishes and pots.

2.An upturned pallet with wheels on the bottom and a couple of sheets of glass on top makes a unique coffee table to show off your best books or memorabilia.

3. Make a display case for your favourite pieces of crockery, not only beautiful but a handy storage area. Just make sure you secure it well, you do not want to hear this coming down in  the middle of the night.

4. Make a feature of your bike and hang it on the wall. A couple of bars added to some wall mounted pallets creates the perfect place to store your bike creating a feature rather then being a inconvenient sight

5. Ready made shelving for your kitchen. Keep all your most used herbs, spices and oils to hand with this clever extra storage using vertical space

5 Garden Ideas

1. A porch swing  is a great creative way to use a pallet, a couple of ropes securely attached to the ceiling creates a great space to hang out

2. Pre made decking what could be easier. Sand, paint and varnish the wood to protect it from the weather and make it last for years. The example above even has plants growing through the slats, get creative and you could do so many thing with this material for a patio area.

3. Just like shoe rack this is super easy. Staple gun pvc to the back of a pallet, fill with potting soil and while its laid down, add your fav plants. Pull up and place where you want to create an easy garden arrangement. Its a great way to hide an ugly wall or fence and add some colour to your garden by using vertical space.

4. Treat and protect pallets and they make the perfect garden furniture for sofas or tables.

5. Make a helpful potting table  out of several pallets. Once again make sure you treat the wood to protect it and keep your garden furnishings in top nick for years to come

I can’t wait to make some of these, best find me some pallets but luckily enough i have some one make me a great example just the other week. IF you saw yesterdays post  about sourcing ethical drinks for a party you’ll have seen a snap of it but heres a better view of a bar made out of pallets and a plywood top. Screwed together but with hinges on joining bits so it can fold up for storage. Enjoy. 


X xxx

15 uses: Fabric Scraps

If you read 15 uses: often or this is your first time readying it, you probably came across this because you were searching for crafty ways to recycle which would make me assume you are already a crafty minded person. Today’s 15 uses are not from regular household waste but are often part of waste from a crafty lifestyle in textiles. As i mainly work in fabric and sew i always end up with lots of little scraps no matter how cautious i am with my pattern cutting, so i am always looking for new ways to use up the little bits of fabric so they dont go to waste. Here i have found the best of the best for turning fabric scraps in to useful and beautiful pieces for organising, home decoration and parties. So enjoy and get crafting.

5 ideas for organising and crafting

1. If you’ve got lots of fabric then you must have lots of pins, why not turn your scraps into a unique patchwork  pin cushion but dont just stick to squares if you wanna go for more indepth patterns. All you need are two squares made up of lots of little squares that are sewn together, sew the two squares together right sides facing, leaving a small gap, turn inside out and stuff with wadding. Sew up the hole and start sticking your pins in it for your next crafting adventure

2.Make a handy key strap so you never lose your keys at the bottom of your bag and help keep hold of them when you’ve got a million and one things to hold while trying to open the door.  Sew two strips of your desired fabric together, you can make them super neat by sewing inside out and then pulling through the right way, then fold them into two to get a loop, sew the end then sew another line about an inch in so you can slip your keychain through.

3. Uses fabric scraps that are all tied into one long strip to weave baskets to store any clutter or things that are needed to hand. They make a great catch all basket near your front door for keys and letters.

4. Pretty up your notice board by covering drawing pins with fabric and gluing in place at the back. A great way to use even the tiniest bits of fabric.

5.  Though the original tutorial uses paper this would be just as easy with fabric and an easier way to get the covered jam jars you need for your Christmas Chutney. Measure a circle round your jar lid that has an inch extra added around. Snip the extra at equal points around the circle, place the lid in the center and fold the snipped extra into the middle while adding glue to attach. If using for food you may want to add a waxed seal to the center to make sure no glue particles get in to the food.

5 Home decoration ideas

1. Create a rag strip curtain for windows, or even doorways when its hot in summer but you dont want the flys in your house. To make the curtains easier to draw and prevent any choking hazard, sew each length of strips together to make one pieces of fabric rather then separate hanging strips.

2. Use fabrics in similar colours to create a collage cushion decoration. Can brighten up plain covers and uses up lots of little scraps.

3. Create a mobile or wind chime (just add bells) for the garden with lots of little scraps. Make bird shapes, stars or leaves as in the example and hang where you want. If creating a mobile, make sure it is well out of reach of little hands and secured well so it doesn’t create a choking hazard.

4. Cover wire or wooden coast hangers with fabric to make wardrobes pretty and the extra padding will protect clothes.

5. Hexagons are used here but any shapes could be used to make beautiful and washable coasters for your coffee or dining table.

 5 Party ideas

1. Create a word for your party or phrase with wire and then wrap lengths of fabric around the wire to create a statement piece to hang at the party. Make the word big enough to see from a far and glue the ends and frequently around the wire to keep the fabric in place.

2. Make garlands to reach across your room or party area to create inexpensive shabby chic bunting for an instant party feel. Would work if you have lots of scraps but just one garland would do for a mantel piece or door way

3. Create a scrap wreath for your front door or to hand on a picture hook. You could use lots of bright coloured fabrics or use whatever you have and spray paint or even dye to the colour you want.

4. Use scraps to make unique greetings cards for your friends and family. The best thing about making your own cards is that each one can be personalised for the recipient making them extra special.

5. Turn cocktail sticks into mini flags for cakes and pastries on a buffet with a scraps cut into flag shapes and glued to the sticks by rolling round the top of one. They look so cute.

Have you any ideas for you fabric scraps?  I always want more and i’m sure other readers would love to know too. For any of the links check out the pinterest board 15 Uses: Fabric Scraps


X xxx

p.s. What did you all get up to on Halloween??