Folksy Friday: Remember, Remember

This weeks Folksy Friday is a rather serious one but it is brightened up with the beautiful goods that folksy and its designers have to offer. The title of this week has a three fold meaning and message, firstly on the 5th of November here in the UK it is Guy Fawkes night or more often referred to as bonfire night. It commemorates the day when in 1605 a plot was foiled to blow up the King and Parliament by a group of Catholic men. Though its true legacy is often lost in bonfires, fireworks and mulled cider it is good to remind people that these were men fighting oppression and persecution of their religion which should never have to happen today. Secondly, on November 11th it is remembrance day which commemorates those who lost their lives fighting in wars and most specifically WWI and WWII. Though many will argue with me that wars are not fought against tyranny but for money there were many who did believe in their cause whether that was a false idea or real and we should honour those who fought. The third point is a round up of the two and that is that these items today are reminders, for me at least, that many have and hopefully many will fight against evil and cruelty, and stand up against injustice. So rant over, enjoy the fireworks and don’t forget to buy a poppy for charity and take a look on Folksy for these great finds.

I had to feature two from the Craftivist Collective because this is the future of protest, their mini protest banner kit is great for the craftivist starter and so is the badge for both newbie and veteran. Plus i couldn’t resist adding in two from TypaPrint  as i am a massive Allo Allo fan, Rene Artois Poster just simply is brilliant as is the Typographical poster ‘Listen very careful’ I shall leave you with this little rhyme which is sung on November 5th

 Remember, remember the 5th of the November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot,

I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Check out the rest of these lovely items over on my Pinterest Board Remember Remember


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