Little House: Craft Room

This weekend felt like the first time our new home started looking like a home but there is still quite a lot needed to do when it comes to prettifying the place but the bare bones are there. I finally have a set up craft room now, I have storage and desk to work my magic on. I am planning on painting the room, changing the ugly curtains that have been left behind and as it is our spare room a sofa bed will be moved in as well. I’m looking forward to getting back on with making more items for the shop and will need to make lots more as I will be attending my first fair in early December and want to make sure I am well stocked just in case. Here are a few photos of my crafty/studio room in a bit of a mess but It means I now have some where to work. I will show it off properly when its just right, whenever that will be.

Plenty of Storagelittle ladypin lady time to get working

Btw Ikea furniture is good and pretty easy to put together but it takes FOREVER to make!


X xxx


Doing up the Garden

little gardenThough it’s not the perfect rolling garden that i’ve dreamed of, a little bit of green for you to while away a sunny afternoon in is way better then nothing. Having lived in back- to back houses or flats throughout uni, i haven’t had the chance to get my hands nice and dirty, though i’ve always mangaed to have a herb pot or too on the windowsill.


The place was a big mess to start with, lots of random bits of junk hanging around and a general untidiness about it. However we have vastly improved it but it is still a slow process when it comes to juggling work and home. There is still lots of rubbish to get rid of, a skip will be needed, and a general tidy up. I want to plant more flowers, refresh the wall with a whitewash, stain and protect some dusty looking garden furniture and make the place more welcoming for summer.

IMG_5013 IMG_5010

I’ve alread started planting seeds and bulbs to come up when the last of the spring flowers die back and i am planning on growing a small salad garden, use creeping peas and beans on the walls and of course have a classic herb patch. It’s already  a nice place to sit out in, even in the winter as we have a shelter and a fire made out of an old propane area IMG_5014

There is a messy patch in the corner of our car park which seems to have become a dumping ground for wood for the fire but also broken tellys, bags of rubble and strangly several mens jumpers. Once that is all cleared i can use the flower beds behind them to plant more veg and beautiful flowers.,


I also want to bring some colour to the front of the building too with hanging baskets and some patio plants to make the place more inticing as a friendly place to drink and hang out and show we are a well run family pub compared to some of te scraggerly ended places that let thir properties go to rack and ruin. I will be posting updates on my progress so wish me luck, hopefully i can transform it in to my own little paradise.


X xxx

Old Things, New Things

kitsch french style

Since we have finally moved evething to our new home i am rediscovering some old things and finsding new things to fill our happy home.It’s nice to remember memories and sometimes use things you haven’t had a change to play with because you’ve been living out of a suitcase and make souffle out of your never used ramkins isn’t top of the agenda.part of me

It’s starting to feel like home, espcially with items that are so important to me which i haven’t been able to see in over 9 months, it can be a real pleasure and now i can get back to doing the things that make me most happy, like sewing, cooking and DIY.


x xxx

Busy Busy

Just a little catch up to say that everything is going fabulously at the pub and we are busy with changing a few things around the pub and planning events for the coming months. I am also incredibly busy decorating our flat as it needs lots of work. Gonna be a little while till its liveable but looking forward to getting it done and moving all our stuff in. Here are a few sneak peaks of the flat in it’s current state and so you will see why there will be lots of diy decorating and upcycling ideas coming your way next month.

stairs living room rubbishlving roomspare room
spare oommaster bed roomkitchen


More pics soon after i’ve strippped the walls and ripped the carpets out :D


X xxx