15 Uses: Bubble Wrap

Doesn’t everybody love abit of bubble wrap! there seems to be a nostalgic feeling linked to it and i can only think its because you get all crazy like a child when you start popping the little brutes. That said i do have 5 inspired ideas for children but there is also 5 practical uses for it and 5 more creative ones. It may not be the most eco friendly thing to use but if you already have some make sure to keep on reusing it rather then put it in the bin. I was very fortunate last year to acquire a huge roll of it when a new TV came in a very big box filled to the brim with the stuff. Its gonna last me a very very long time. practical bubble wrap

5 Practical Ideas

1. Bubble wrap i a great insulator so use to line a cotton bag to make a insulated lunch box/bag. Keep your sarnies fresh and your drinks cool.

2. Line brown envelopes with sheets of bubble wrap to create a safe package for delicate items. You could even make your own envelopes from scrap paper by gluing/taping bubble wrap to the paper then folding in two and taping shut.

3. Print off a simple number calendar then cover with bubble wrap with the right sized bubbles. Pop a bubble everyday and keep on track

4. Simple but effect stress relief. Just keep popping till you feel better :D

5. Insulate again by covering window panes with bubble wrap, it keeps the heat in but also stops windows heating up rooms in bright summers. Maybe not the most attractive looks but certainly works.

bubble wrap kids

5 Fun Things for Kids

1. A bit early but never to early to plan next christmas. Same principle as the calendar make an advent one to count down the days till Christmas

2. Paint and print using the wrap, great rainy day activity. Makes great honeycomb, Fish scales and sea.

3. Make a travel game by printing/drawing items e.g. lorry, cow etc and letting kids pop a bubble when they see one. Easy eye spy.

4. Just give kids a load of bubble wrap to play with and their imagination will do the rest.

5. paint number one to ten on squares of wrap and make an indoor popping hopscotch
bubble wrap creative

5 creative uses

1. make funky gift wrap. you could paint the bubble wrap back or first cover it in normal paper to make the present nice and bright. top with a bow and we’re good to go

2. Make bubble wrap sculpture.  There are many more elaborate ones on the internet but i like this little frog

3. Paint the bubbles to make a typographical 3-D poster or inject bubbles with coloured water, more fiddly but a cleaner look.

4. Pour melted chocolate over  the wrap to make unique decorations for desserts and cupcakes

5. Same principle as no.3 make a portrait painting of your family pet, your fav musician or loved one for your home

For more tutorials and for any links check out the bubble wrap board on pinterest


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15 uses: Old Music

This week in the UK has seen some major closures on the high street, namely HMV and Blockbusters both sell/rent music, DVDs and games . They have both gone into administration as the claim as a result of being unable to compete with the online market place. The outcome will be the lost of 4000 jobs from each company. It appears they did not act fast enough when it came to evolve as a company and it seems pretty silly almost considering that the internet was obviously in full swing and evidently the future even over a decade ago. Businesses must evolve but this is not a new concept to the music industry, first vinyl, then cassettes and now CDs are fading into obscurity remaining the joy of only avid collectors and hoarders. However there is hope yet because you crafty people can turn the defunked into something funky. Here are 5 uses each for vinyl, cassette and CD, what will you make?

5 uses for old vinyl

1. A clock. Many of these are sold on etsy and i love the look of theme but why just stick to black. You can paint Vinyl in any colour combination you want. They also have a handy center hole so you can attach a clock mechanism straight away.

2. Bowls, There are many tutorials online for melting bowls so google for instructions. Once again why don’t you paint it in your own colour scheme rather then leaving it black, you can make lots of coordinating pieces

3. Coasters. Carefully cut out the central disc to make easy and fun coasters for any music lover.

3. Cake stand. Attach ready made cake stand attachments or charity shop vases to vinyl using smaller ones for the top

5. Book ends. Use a hot glue gun to attach several vinyls to a metal base and you’ve got instant cool book ends.

cassette copy

5 uses for old cassette tapes

1. Got an artistic flare, create some rock start art with the tape, glue in place and attach to your wall. The Jimi Hendrix one is my favourite

2. Use the winding wheels, pins and tape to make a typography piece. Glue each wheel and pin in place, wrap the tape around the points and glue ends together, making sure its pulled taut.

3. Make a interesting light box by threading cord or wire through the holes in the cassettes, string each together and forming a box. There is no exact way to do the threading  but its probably easy to go in a snakes and ladders shape going up, across, down, across, repeat.

4.  Use the tape as you would thread or wool and crochet something. Bag would be the most practical as i think a hat or scarf might be a bit prickly

5. Using the same principal as the cassette light box, string together tapes to make a chair cover. For the seat part you might want to use strong cable for the threading so you don’t fall through it.CDs copy

5 ideas for old CDs

1. I had to include this because it just made me laugh. Store your bagel in a CD holder ready for lunch. Simple but effective

2. Use glue to cover CD in pretty fabric or paper to make lovely coasters.

3. Cut up CDs to make a reflective wind chime for the garden. Attach pieces to cord and hang from trees, you can even add bells for a musical charm.

4. Smash up CDs and glue the pieces to a polystyrene ball.Add a loop of cord to the top and you have a disco ball. The music might of stopped but you can still party.

5. Though Christmas is now long gone its always good to collect inspiration for next year . Glue nativity or snow scenes to CDs and hang with some ribbon to your tree

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A Malt Sack Journey

Upcycling is such an important part of my life, both for Maker’s Meadow as a shop and within my home life. ‘Going green’ is a journey for me that will continue for the rest of my life and it makes me so happy to be able to reuse and remake items for another use. Today i will show you the journey of the malt sacks i use to create our shop items from origin to product, including a little bit of info on malt and brewing. I use any waste materials the Geeves brewery supply me with and any new item always brings on a spur of inspiration and imagination as to what i could use it for.malt bags

As i have said the malt sacks i use come from our local brewery but before that they come from Fawcett & sons Maltsters, in Castleford, West Yorkshire. A maltster prepares the grains/malt for brewing, they do this by first soaking the grains and then drying them out using hot air, this changes starch in the grain in to sugars which in the brewing process will be turned into alcohol. The grains are then packed into sacks and delivered to the brewerymashing in

When brewing a mixture of grains are used to give different characteristics to the beer. The grains are added to what looks like a giant pot called a mash tun, they are slowly added to it along with very hot water, this is called mashing in. They are left in there for an hour+ till the sugars are extracted into the water (now called liquor) and this is transferred to the next part of the brewing process.Once the mashtun is empty of liquor and the grains have been washed to get out the remaining sugars, the malt is put back in to sacks. Our brewery gives these sacks to a local farming college for composting and to a local venison farmer who feeds his deer with it, making sure there is nothing going to the landfill. They then collect the malt sacks and give them to me at Maker’s Meadow, reducing their waste further.

malt in bag

The first step before making a product is the worse and that is cleaning it.Soapy hot water and alot of elbow grease generally does the job. I then cut out pattern pieces from the sacking, using it just like i would a piece of material, as well as any other fabric pieces i need for the design. I then construct the product using mainly my sewing and overlocking machine, as well as some glue and hand stitching. Each product can be completely different, depending on the sacking design position, color and any warping so each piece is unique.

sew sew sewing

I then photography each product and list my items on Etsy or Folksy. Once a customer orders an item i package it in recycled brown packing paper , sewing together the edges after inserting my business cards, a few freebies and special offers. I then trot down to the post office and send it off, happy that some one has brought from me a handmade and eco friendly product. Its not just malt sacks that i reuse though, i also use the packets that their hops come in for my cool bags, plastic wrap for packaging, and i get oodles of string which i will be using i a new project ( i’ll keep you posted). If you want to know more about brewing check out CAMRA for a guide and to see the rest of our products check out our Etsy or Folksy shops.

green geeves

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15 Uses: Scrap Paper

The recycling bins lingering at the bottom of the garden are still overflowing with the deludge of Christmas festivities that bring with it extra bottles of mulled wine, plastic packaging from an excessive amount of cheese and gift wrap  and cards coming out hour ears. To ease the congestion till the bins resume normal duties hears some ideas for any scrap paper that you might be tempted to put in the recycle bin. 5 Simple ideas for staying organised and stationary smart this new year, 5 gift wrap and cards ideas, because Birthdays still happen in January and 5 interesting home decorations.
scrap paper stationary


5 Ideas for the office

1. A scrap envelope note book. People actually sell these on Etsy and i can’t believe people buy them. Keep all your used envelopes from friends, banks and junk mail, cut each ones edges so you have two separate rectangles. Once you have a nice stack of them, fold one to find a center fold and use this as a marker for your spine. You can either staple or sew the pieces together to make a quick booklet for doodles or notes.

2. Use colourful scrap paper to brighten up your drawing pencils, a bit of pvc brushed on to lengths of paper then wrap them around. Paint an other layer of glue over the top to seal.

3. Use little squares of scrap paper to make days for a calendar. Glue the squares on to a piece of card, titled with each month, write the day  numbers in each corner, string together all the months using a hole punch and ribbon. You can hang it up with the ribbon too so you never miss a date

4.  Once you’ve made the booklet in no. 1 you could cover the outside with cardboard to make a firm cover and decorate that with other pieces of scrap paper.

5.  Make heart shaped corner protectors/book marks. You will need to cut a heart shape and a triangle that fits in to the point of the heart and goes up to the start of the heart curve. Place these pieces together then use some coloured electrical tape to bind the edges. The triangle can now be used to slot on to a page.scrap paper presents

5 Ideas for Giftwrap and cards

1. Use scraps of paper or old envelopes to make new ones to send cards and letters to loved ones, decorate with more scrap paper and stamps.

2. You can make lots of attractive decorations for simple wrapped presents. The example is one of my favourites. Cut out circles of colourful paper and sew them together to make a long banner, wrap around the gift and it instantly looks more professional and special

3. Make scrap bows with thin lengths of paper folded in to loops and then glued/stapled in place.

4. You can make easy homemade cards by using bits of paper to make classic pictures like balloons, birthday cakes or hearts.

5. Why not make a scrap heart decoration for parties or even to adorn a present. Cut out lots of hearts, starting with the largest and getting smaller and smaller. Sew them all together right down the center so the edges can flare out and create a 3D effect

scrap paper decoration5 Ideas for home decoration

1. Long strips of plain white paper make this striking lampshade above but you could use different colours for your own room.

2. Glue petal shaped scraps together into a circular bowl shape for a simple catch for coffee tables or near the front door. Glue a bead or gem into the center to cover the glue at the middle.

3. A plain blank canvas can be transformed with simple shapes in block colours,  experiement with different shapes and positions before you start gluing.

4. Keep killing the plants? Make a paper leafed tree for your house and you will never need to water it. Use real twigs or wire wrapped in paper/fabric/tape and glue on leaf shaped paper pieces

5. A simple shaped hole punch can create a colourful art piece in minutes rather then hours. Pick a shape and then find complementary or contrasting colours to make a simple poster that you can frame for any room in the house


Check on the pinterest board for all credits and further ideas and tutorials. What do you want upcycling??? i’d love for some more ideas on things to look out for.


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15 Uses: Christmas Cards

This 15 uses has a distinctively Christmas theme, using old Christmas Greetings cards to make decorations and presents for your house, friends and family. Christmas is often a expensive time and a time when a great amount of waste happens. You don’t have to live in darkness and be a miser just for the sake of the planet and your pockets however. These simple creations made from paper and card that would have been thrown away can now be put to good use, helping you count the pennies this year along the way and do a little bit for your eco credentials. It is also a great way to keep those special cards from loved ones without it feeling like your hording, you can display them for a lifetime without cluttering up draws.room decorations made from recycled christmas cards

5 Decorations for Around the Home.

1. Simple paper/card bunting from Christmas cards creates a new look other then your traditional paper chains, although they would also be easy to make with old cards.

2. Cards in similar colours can make lovely free standing trees for any tables left bare, especially great to add a little festive cheer to bedrooms which are often overlooked when it comes to Christmas decorations.

3. This is a really refreshing wreath, made by cutting and gluing lots of leaf shapes together. The different colours of the cards really make it stand out but the leaf shapes bring the traditional look in.

4. A free standing snow man made from lots of half snowman shapes glued together to make a 3D version. Make sure each section is fairly thick, adding more cards to make it sturdy.

5. Another wreath but much quicker to make. Cut out full characters from cards and glue them to a wreath form made of cardboard. Attach a ribbon and you have a decoration perfect for anywhere in the house

I have my own versions of free standing paper tree and a traditional wreath tutorial

recycled greetings cards ornaments 5 Christmas Card Ornaments

1. Create this ornament like the snow man, adding lots of cut out house shapes together. Thread or glue a piece of thread from bottom to top, adding decorative beads and top and bottom, tie in a loop and hang for all to see.

2. Go green further by recycling old food jar lids as well. Attach wire or thread to the top of the lid with glue and add a Christmas card image to the center. Use the Lid as a template to draw around your imagine then cut out on the inside of the circle so the image is slightly smaller then the lid and can slot in. Glue in place. Check out my tutorial for using yogurt lids in this way

3. Create sweetie holders by rolling a triangle of card into a cone, glue or tape in place. Add a hanging ribbon by punching too holes in either side of the cone and treading ribbon through and knotting. Glue a cut out image from a card and you have a beautiful ornament with added treats.

4. Simple card circles, folded in half , then  glued to 5 others can create a simple but colourful hanging bauble when some ribbon is added to the top.  Use a length of string or ribbon to attach several and make a festive garland for the tree or across a doorway.

5. Make these cute little houses for another decoration that has a hidden surprise. Simply constructed you need card in these shapes: 1 rectangle for the base, 2 squares for the sides, the front and back made from a piece that is a square (same size as the sides) and a triangle at the top, lastly 2 rectangles for the slanted roof. Add tabs into the design of the shapes so you can easily glue it together. Make sure you add any treats into the top before putting the roof on. String wire through the top of the roof to hand on the tree or leave it underneath to open on Christmas day. Perfect for wrapping those really small presents like jewellery.presents recycled from christmas cards

5 Gift ideas from Christmas Cards

1. Make some Christmas coasters and place mats for the big week by glue squares of cards onto cork mats. Be as wacky or as subtle as you like when it comes to colours. Add a lick of varnish when the glue has dried to protect your mats for years to come.

2. I bet many of the thrifty people reading this have made lots of lovely treats for friends and family that fall into the gift in a jar section. Don’t waste more paper and ink by printing out labels. Use cards to ring through the festive delights inside, especially if its got a Christmas theme like cookie dough mix or mincemeat.

3. Give a small child a simple memory game for Christmas by cutting up a large card into equal squares. They can play it inbetween the lull of opening presents and stuffing your face.

4. Got a bottle of something special for the wine lover in your life. Add a beautiful gift tag made from sturdy card folded in half, with a hole through one side and part of a greetings card glued to the other.

5. Use some of the beautiful poetry on a card to make a bookmark for the book worm of the group. This example has a blanket stitched edge to make a nice finishing touch and a neater look

Only a few more sleeps to go :D


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A Simple Christmas: Crafty Crackers

christmas craftingOne of my favourite traditions at Christmas is pulling crackers as we sit down to our feast. I love the naft jokes and the sometimes nice mini presents, and i also love that every one in my family wears the paper party hats all the way through dinner. They are really really expensive though even when they only contain a novelty moustache comb or a pair of lips. If you make your own you can personalise them or at the very least put something inside a bit more interesting then another pair of toe nail clippers.  I used sweets for the practice one i did but you can use anything you want as long as it fits in the cracker of course. There are two types i’ve shown below, one with a few more steps then the other but still very easy)

You will need: Toilet rolls, ( 1 for the first type, 2 for the second, glue/double sided sticky tape, cellotape wrapping paper(for each cracker you want a piece that will wrap fully round the toilet roll and a bit longer then a A4 sheet of paper), gifts/sweets, terrible jokes, ribbon.

crackers how to1. I found out this little tip to help make the toilet roll rip easier and make it more like the bang of traditional cracker. (incidently you can buy the cracker bangers online if you want to add that extra spark) Cut into the center of a toilet roll from both sides but make sure you don’t slice all the way through. It doesn’t matter if you flatten it to do this, they are quite easy to reshape

2. The first cracker you only need one toilet roll for the center. Do the cut as in no.1. and add in the sweets/gifts and joke into it, try to jam it in so it doesn’t move around too much. Tape the toilet roll to the center and the edge of your wrapping paper.

3. Roll the toilet roll up in the wrapping paper until it meets the other end and tape in place. Use the ribbon and tie into a bow on either side of the toilet roll. Tie fairly tight but try not rip the paper. You now have a cracker to enjoy on Christmas day.

4. If you want a more traditional looking one, repeat steps 1 & 2, then cut another toilet roll in half so you have two smaller tubes. Tape or glue these in place and the ends of the paper in line with the main toilet roll, so there is a gap between the small ones and the main roll. I then use stripes of double sided sticky tape along the edge of the paper to secure the small tubes when i roll it up. Homemade crackers

5. Roll it up and secure with tape if needed. Use  ribbon to tie a bow around the paper where the gap is, pull it tightly and it will bring the cracker together. You now have a beautiful cracker for the dinning table

i also used pinking shears (zig zag scissors) to give the cracker a nice neat edge, you need a few toilet rolls to make a few but you still have time before Christmas. Finally, you need to make sure you find the tackiest, naffiest, most terrible jokes to put in :) My first one was

‘What hides in a bakery on Christmas Eve? A Mince Spy!

crackers about crackers

haha love it


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15 Uses: Old Books

The best thing to do with a book is to read it, but once you’ve read some once then you might not want to read them again. Send them to charity shops or to a friend by all means but think about turning a book into something completely different and inspire a different kind of story. I have found some brilliant ways to upcycle old and used books, 5 furniture ideas, 5 for artistic uses and 5 ideas for the kids.

books into furniture

5 Ideas to furnish your home

1. This is truly inspirational. A rug made from book spines. A great talking point and would make your hallway or living room look brilliant.

2. A simple table with spines as the table top. You would need to have shaped legs for the ends but simply put you just need to drill a hole at the same level all the way through the books and then secure with a metal rod and a nut at the end.

3. A book room partition. Could also make a brilliant secret door entrance, if attached to french doors.

4. A unique lamp stand made with several heavy books. Best made with a removable lapshade so you can drill holes through the books and slip them over the top of the light.

5. Make a whole bar with lots of discarded books. I have seen this done in a library with out of date journals. Simple building blocks but an amazing effect.childrens books
5 ideas for children made from childrens books

1. Use childrens alphabet books to make a mural of the first letter of your Child’s name. Bright, colourful and educational.

2. Create a colouring carry case out of an old book cover with handles added and some internal pockets. Great for a trip to somewhere interesting so they can draw their day out

3. Got a book the kids really don’t like? Make a monster out of it to make a buddy for a reading corner.

4. Use pictures from books your children don’t read any more to make a nice montage for their room or in the example a decoration for Christmas

5. Children’s picture books come in use again to make cheap and cheerful bunting for a nursery.

book art

5 Artistic Uses for old books

1. A simple but easy craft . Cut circle from old book pages and glue them on to sphere. Balloons would be cheap and easy to use, especially to hang from the ceiling.

2. Lots of flexible book sheets and lots of hot glue. Create a center piece for the table or your mantel. The rose above is beautiful especially with the colours painted on it.

3. I see alot of these for sale on Etsy and Folksy, and if you are the artistic type you could draw a beautiful one yourself. Find a page in a dictionary with the  word you want to draw and make it as colourful as you want. Give it a frame and you have a beautiful wall decoration.

4. Use botanical prints to make a beautiful cover for mini plant pots or candle holders. Simple glue in place and you have unique decorations for the home.

5. If you have the patience and skills you could make some intrinsic art within a book. A craft knife, some paint and a steady hand required.

Beautiful books in beautiful ways. I think if you really love a book you could search a charity shop for another copy and imortalise it forever in your home by making it into one of the pieces of art above. Check out the pinterest board Old Books for tutorials and ideas


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A Simple Christmas: Practically Free Wreath

IMG_0110If you have access to a garden or a park then you can do this simple wreath and with some added touches you can make it as grand or as quaint as you like. Now to get things straight from the beginning and to cover my back, i am not advocating theft! However if you snip a few branches or leaves from a park shrub it won’t be missed and your probably doing the park wardens a favour by trimming their bush (no pun intended). The wreath can be really easy, you don’t need to be a florist to get an amazing effect. It is also considerably cheaper then buying a shop bought one especially if you use items you already have.

You will need:Depending on how much cash you have to splash, Wreath frame from a florist or a wire coat hanger. I used a cheap circular air dryer. Floral wire, wire, string or thread, once again use what you have to hand. I used string. Secateurs, A large bag full of leaves, I went for classic pine but you can pick whatever you can get your hands on. Extra bits and bobs for decoration. Ribbons, Holly, pine cones, cinnamon, baubles, flowers, use items that fit within your colour scheme and style. Our look is classic reds, gold and green.
wreath how to

1. First you need your base. If you have a ready made form or in my case a dryer (i removed all of the hanging clips) you don’t need to do anything else. If your using wire or a coat hanger you will have to form it in to a circle with several layers. The best way to do this is to wrap it around something circular like a sweet tin or even a a waste paper bin. Wind it around and secure, slip off your mold and you’ve got a basic form to use. Don’t worry if its not a perfect circle as you can shape branches into a circle

2. I found the best way to make the base of the wreath was to make several individual bundles by grouping together leafy twigs and binding the bottom with a string. As the dryer had gaps i could slot each bundle in between and then secure. I made 7 bundles but make as many as you need to cover the entire base.

3. Securing the base takes the most time, I did it with the back of the wreath facing me. First tie the bundles to your form near the base of each bundle. Secondly, Secure the first tie to the frame with some more string or wire, this will stop the bundles from moving around. Thirdly, i tied a few twigs from the top of each bundle that were nearest to the frame to secure the top part (Its hard to describe this part, so just keep securing so that your bundles don’t move about or flop down when you have it handing up.

4. Turn the wreath right side up. You will need to secure it further so the branches curve around the frame. Don’t worry if these last ties are exposed you can cover them with your decoration. You should now have a circle. Unless you are a florist/a perfectionist it won’t be perfect so use your secateurs to trim till you have the desired shape.
5. DECORATE! Here comes the fun bit but remember less is more. I used some Green holly with white edges and i managed to find some with berries finally! I also added in a golden cherub which i secured with thread and made two bundles of cinnamon sticks. I finished it off with a red bow to make the wreath a bit bigger above our mantel piece.

The only thing that cost me was the dryer which was £1.20, and i am sure you could find them even cheaper. I will definately use it again and now i have a ready made wreath form for years to come without the florist price tag if i had bought an actual one. The decorations we had in the house any way, the leaves from the garden, the holly from the park (i swear it was on the floor, just cleared it up *cough) and the string comes from the malt sacks i use in store.
I would love for people to share with me their creations, especially wreaths which i have a soft spot for so please send me any you make.
Happy Holidays
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A simple Christmas: Paper tree

christmas crafting

Another simple christmas creation which is great for the mantel piece or your coffee table. Make a few to create a little pine forest. This can take a long time to make just one because of the amount of paper you use but the results are worth it.

You will need: A large yogurt pot lid, Lots of scrap paper, pinking shears, a skewer or thrifty equivalent, gold card, green and gold spray paint.

paper tree from recycled materials1. Firstly, spray paint the yogurt lid gold or green. Make sure you are outside or in a well ventilated room, and protect any surfaces with a cover. Allow to dry for an hour.

2. Insert the skewer into the center of the lid with the point sticking upwards. The length of the skewer will determine the height. I used an old pen cartridge for mine. You can find more uses for old pens here

3. Cut out Squares using the pinking shears, starting with the largest that you want to form the base of the tree. Make smaller and smaller ones as you build up to the top.

4. Put each square on the skewer and try get in around the center but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Arrange each square so it is at a different angle to the one before it, giving the tree the appearance of branches and volume.

5. Once You’ve Reached the top, using the smaller and smaller pieces, spray paint the tree green with as much or as little as you like. Using white paper gives a snowy effect but most scrap paper you’ll want to cover completely. Once dried i sprayed a light dusting of gold on to it so it shimmered more

6. I then created a origami star to attach on the tip of the pen. The folds hook on but you can glue it into position to make it more secure. Instructions for the star are here. I used a simple 4 point one but you can get as elaborate as you want.
recycled paper christmas tree
A cute little tree and all made from recycled materials, great for all that promotional junk mail you get over the festive period.


X xxx

Folksy Friday: Cocktail Crazy

We love beer but we know that is not every ones tipple so this weeks Folksy Friday is for those who like it shaken not stirred (apologies) and all the paraphernalia you need to make a delicious cocktail for the Christmas or New Years party. But if you do like beer you haven’t missed out as we did gifts for beer lovers last week.

These are perfect ideas for my sister, she is mad for cocktails and is slowly building up her bar in her new house, so i definately want to get something from this collection for her. The Mojito cocktail gift set from Growing Gifts, a gift that will keep on giving, hangover included. If you really want to splash the cash get a vintage highboard to store all your liquor and glasses, a pretty nice piece from Contempory Living The top tasty cocktail gift of the week though are the Gin and Tonic cufflinks from Birdcage creative, really quirky and a perfect stcking stuffer for the gin loving dude in your life.

What is your favourite product? and more importantly whats your favourite cocktail? I am mad for Mojito to be honest so might buy that gift set for myself ;)

x xxx