Shop News: Bottle Carriers

4 pack blue bottle top

Happy Monday every body and what a monday its been. Work at 6 this morning, finished at 9, did the food shop, put away the washing, put more laundary on, general tidy round, cut out pieces ready for sewing some new cool bags and aprons, cheese toasty in hand, writing this short post and it’s only just past 12 o’clock yet.phew! I think it must be one of the first good Monday feelings i’ve had in a while and i might just be because i love my new range of items i’ve been making for the shop. Bottle Carriers.

                                               black full

Made from Maker’s Meadow staple material malt sacks from Geeves Brewery, the bottle carriers came to me like a stroke of genius, even if i do say so myself. The boys at the Brewery have recently started bottling their wares and it seemed like a bottle carrier made from the malt sacks whose previous contents where used to make the bottled beet would be a perfect partner to a few of their tipples. The malt bags are sewn into a circular holder containing 6 or 4 pockets one for each beer. The sacking is super strong, so there is no chance of rips or tears, and the cotton handles make a comfortable strap to carry but are triple stitched to add further security to the holder. Nothing worse then precious beer being geeves

We think they make a great present for beer lovers, just add a few of their favourite bevvy’s and you’ve got a ready made gift. If you want to try some of Geeves brewery new beers they are now being stocked online at Best of British Beer & Barley Hops. If your in South/West Yorkshire they are also avaliable at Beer Huis, Ossett,  Yorkshire Ales, Snaith and Blacker Hall Farm, Wakefield as well as many pubs we supply cask to as well. All the bottle carriers are now avaliable online on our Etsy or Folksy Shops and more colours will be avaliable soon.

Any beer fans in the readership today?


X xxx

Everyday Etsy: Gifts for Rugby Fans

This weeks shopping is quite specific and its for lovers of that great game rugby. I have lots of family and friends who love the to watch and play the game and its always nice to give something that they’ll really enjoy and are interested in. There are even gifts for girls that love rugby which is great as women often get overlooked when it comes to sporting themed gifts.

ee Scrum HalfThis is a great selections but as always i have my favourites, starting with the gold rugby earring from BaddaBoomBaddaBing. They are really cute and like i said its nice to find something sports orientated that female fans can enjoy too.The painting of a tackle by ArtistMitch1974 is a simple piece but could look really cool in a den or home bar. Even could be a great gift to give to your local rugby showing pub.  Top of the week though has got to be the Rugby rules poster from Sam Osborne Store, its just bright, bold and funny and stood out straight away for me. Is there a person you have trouble buying for? tell me their interests and i’ll search Etsy and Folksy to find some unique buys for them

Have a swell weekend


X xxx