15 Uses: Glass Bottles Vol. 2

One of my first ever posts and one of my first 15 uses posts was  about glass bottles and this has proved to be most popular post throughout the blog. I guess people have a lot of bottles lying around. So i thought i would show more ideas to upcycle glass bottles for you to feast your eyes on. For any links check out the pinterest board which has all the glass ideas  and while your there don’t forget to follow us.houshold glass bottles

5 ideas for the home

1. Though this is maybe one for the professionals  you could always collect the glass yourself. There are designers and manufactures using recycled glass to make interesting and unique counters for kitchens. Some of the colours are amazing!

2. Simple painted glass both jars and bottles can brighten up a dull corner and are good for storing little bits and bobs

3. Use an interesting  glass bottle with it’s top cut off to make a cool candle holder. You could make your own or put a ready made candle in.

4. Make sugar/salt shakers from a cut bottle top with a cork stopper in the bottom. You could re-attach bottle tops with holes punched into them to make it a proper salt shaker

5. Attach spirit pourers to wine bottles to make a much prettier washing up liquid storage bottle as opposed to the plastic bottles they normally come incrafty bottles

5 creative ideas

1. Use little bits of broken glass to make a mini stain glass ornament. You can take the pieces to a professional craftsman, go on a course or can do it yourself with a few specialist tools

2. Melted bottle bottoms make unusual tea light holders. I’d look to find lots of different coloured ones.

3. Paint a bottle and glue lots of paper cut pieces on to it to make a really stunning vase. Just pick your fav shape and colour. I love the crabs, great for a bathroom.

4. I love these bottle fishes. Think about the shape of the bottle and see if you can add little bits and bobs to make interesting animals or even people

5. Use smashed up bottles to make a collage/mosaic either as a whole picture or to frame a mirror as in the exsample bottle windchime5 Wind chime ideas

1. Use a coil of wire to rest a tea light in the centre of a hanging bottle with its bottom cut off.

2. Use a whole bottle teamed with bottle caps to make an interesting sounding chime, plus another way to recycle all those caps

3. Use cut up pieces of glass to make a classic mobile look with a tingly sound

4. This is my favourite. Using rings of cut glass in different sizes to make a very unique wind chime. It is really professional looking.

5. Use three or more top ends of cut bottles to make an interesting ornament chime which has each one threaded and secured through the one above. Decorate with glass paint or etching.

Remember to always use safety gloves and goggles when cutting or splitting glass and make sure you know what your doing. Sand down all edges too to prevent cuts later on and go make some beautiful things.


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