Build a bookcase

filled bookcase

As you can imagine upcycling and recycling comes second nature to me especially snce m shops products are remade from unloved materials. Its the idea of working with what youve got because its great for the environment and our pocket. Since moving we’ve realised we have lots of things but no where to keep them, having previously rented fully furnished houses. Instead of buying brand new or even popping to our local second handstore for items, we though lets use what we’ve got right now. This included a shabby old pine bookcase that was in what has become to be known as the junk room. It was hidden beneath piles of catering ware and i spotted an opportunity to create a place for all our books, DVDs and trinkets as well as making a sideboad for our living a bookcase

First things first, i flipped in on its side to make a long side platform which fits perfectly inbetween the doors to our kitchen and my craft room. Next i did the most important thing. Deciding on what i wanted to display and where i wanted to put it. This involved a big sort and a lot of donate or keep decisions.
I then measured the gaps between the main slates and measured and marked where my additional shelves would be placed. I then recycled some more and used two very long pieces of ply wood which i also found in the junkroom, to use for the new shelves. I measured and lined where to cut on the pieces and then used our trusty mitre saw (circular chop saw) to perfectly slice the pieces. Its my new favourite toy.chop saw
I used m electric drill to drill holes through the points i’d marked on main slates and through into the edge of the slates. I drilled 2 holes per side of a shelf so 4 altogether which makes very secure. I then tightened screws into the holes and further upcycled as i used old screws which i had to take out of furnishing, walls and shelves when first decorating. I propped each shelf at the right level using books and wood so it wasn’t wonky when drilling and constructed it from bottom to top so i could build a platform on each level up for the net placement.building a bookcase
It took me about an hour to drill and screw in all the pieces but the real pre was making sure to measure properly and get the individual slats the right size. in all honesty, if your using an old piece of furniture it is not always perfectly formed as was the case with our bookcase. Upcycling is about working with what you’ve got which might not be perfect yet i think mine still looks pretty good. Once you’ve finished you get to do the fun part and fill it up again.mao n books

bus n books filled bookcaseLorna

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Old Things, New Things

kitsch french style

Since we have finally moved evething to our new home i am rediscovering some old things and finsding new things to fill our happy home.It’s nice to remember memories and sometimes use things you haven’t had a change to play with because you’ve been living out of a suitcase and make souffle out of your never used ramkins isn’t top of the agenda.part of me

It’s starting to feel like home, espcially with items that are so important to me which i haven’t been able to see in over 9 months, it can be a real pleasure and now i can get back to doing the things that make me most happy, like sewing, cooking and DIY.


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15 Uses: Old Books

The best thing to do with a book is to read it, but once you’ve read some once then you might not want to read them again. Send them to charity shops or to a friend by all means but think about turning a book into something completely different and inspire a different kind of story. I have found some brilliant ways to upcycle old and used books, 5 furniture ideas, 5 for artistic uses and 5 ideas for the kids.

books into furniture

5 Ideas to furnish your home

1. This is truly inspirational. A rug made from book spines. A great talking point and would make your hallway or living room look brilliant.

2. A simple table with spines as the table top. You would need to have shaped legs for the ends but simply put you just need to drill a hole at the same level all the way through the books and then secure with a metal rod and a nut at the end.

3. A book room partition. Could also make a brilliant secret door entrance, if attached to french doors.

4. A unique lamp stand made with several heavy books. Best made with a removable lapshade so you can drill holes through the books and slip them over the top of the light.

5. Make a whole bar with lots of discarded books. I have seen this done in a library with out of date journals. Simple building blocks but an amazing effect.childrens books
5 ideas for children made from childrens books

1. Use childrens alphabet books to make a mural of the first letter of your Child’s name. Bright, colourful and educational.

2. Create a colouring carry case out of an old book cover with handles added and some internal pockets. Great for a trip to somewhere interesting so they can draw their day out

3. Got a book the kids really don’t like? Make a monster out of it to make a buddy for a reading corner.

4. Use pictures from books your children don’t read any more to make a nice montage for their room or in the example a decoration for Christmas

5. Children’s picture books come in use again to make cheap and cheerful bunting for a nursery.

book art

5 Artistic Uses for old books

1. A simple but easy craft . Cut circle from old book pages and glue them on to sphere. Balloons would be cheap and easy to use, especially to hang from the ceiling.

2. Lots of flexible book sheets and lots of hot glue. Create a center piece for the table or your mantel. The rose above is beautiful especially with the colours painted on it.

3. I see alot of these for sale on Etsy and Folksy, and if you are the artistic type you could draw a beautiful one yourself. Find a page in a dictionary with the  word you want to draw and make it as colourful as you want. Give it a frame and you have a beautiful wall decoration.

4. Use botanical prints to make a beautiful cover for mini plant pots or candle holders. Simple glue in place and you have unique decorations for the home.

5. If you have the patience and skills you could make some intrinsic art within a book. A craft knife, some paint and a steady hand required.

Beautiful books in beautiful ways. I think if you really love a book you could search a charity shop for another copy and imortalise it forever in your home by making it into one of the pieces of art above. Check out the pinterest board Old Books for tutorials and ideas


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