DIY Life

Here you’ll find my full collection of DIYs, recycling and upcycling crafts plus lots of ways to reuse commonly thrown away items. Scroll down to find all and click on the words below the pics to find the tutorials.

15 Uses

I created the 15 uses series to recycle and upcycle all those everyday items that easily get thrown away. I look at one item each post and choose three different inspiring ways for you to create sometime new from something old. Check out my pinterest boards for all links to tutorials and ideas.

Books    Bubble Wrap    Cardboard vol.1 

  Cardboard vol.2     Christmas Cards    Cork


Dresses    Fabric Scraps    Furniture  

Glass Bottles Vol.1     Glass bottles vol.2    Leftovers 


Jeans    Lids & Tops    Music

Newspapers & Magazines    Pallets    Pens & Pencils

Plastic Bags   Plastic – Christmas   Plastic Containers    

Scrap Paper    Tin Cans    Toilet Rolls


Christmas Crafts


Cardboard Tree     Crafty Crackers   Practically free wreath   

Paper Tree    Simple Star    Tree Skirt

Yarn Tinsel    Yoghurt Pot Ornament

DIY Decorate

Build a bookcase  Fabric Noticeboard     Free Art You Already Own  


Extra Special Bunting    Pom poms

DIY Craft room


Hat Pin Cushion   Thread Spool Holder


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