November Special Offer

Its November and that means we really are getting in to the final countdown for christmas shopping. To make it a little easier for you, any purchase this month you will receive either a free gift and/or a special promotion on your next purchase. I have just finished making a pile of special envelopes each containing a unique point code, and we all know that points mean prizes!

Each code has a lucky word in it, followed by a code and each means a different prize so look out for:


You could win 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% off your next order at Maker’s Meadow plus you may also win a present which will be popped in your box along with your order. So happy shopping and fingers crossed its your lucky day


X xxx

p.s.The Small Print
Only one code can be used per customer and only one code will be sent in customers first purchase of the month.
All codes are valid till 31st January 2013
To claim your promotion or prize simply add your code to the sellers note. If the code is a money off voucher you will pay the full amount via Paypal and you will be reimbursed the % off in a refund.
Discount is not valid on shipping costs only on item price.

Maker’s Meadow, the start of something?

As you may or may not know Maker’s Meadow is a new little online shop on Folksy, an online shopping platform for British designers and makers of handmade goods, i often describe it as Ebay for handmade.  We create practical up-cycled products for people to enjoy at home, in the garden or out and about. This blog is an extensive of our shop to share with people what we believe in, what we do in our spare time, interesting tidbits which we love and any news and offers to keep you up to date with. This is a little run down of who we are, what we do and to celebrate the opening of our new shop.

 Who runs Makers Meadow?

Me! Lorna Middleton, I do all the design and making of our products, run this blog and our other social media and along with general running of the business. I mainly work in textiles; sewing, printing and quilting, but love trying new crafts and looking forward to doing more woodwork and glass etching in the near future. I am inspired by anything with good design, a great story and any material i could make use of that was going to be chucked away. One mans trash is a craftwomens treasure. Other than making and crafting i love food, real ale, the British countryside, History, pubs, gardening and vintage style.I can’t forget to thank the help i get from my fiance Harry Geeves who does the photography, technical computer stuff and some designing for the business. He loves making music, real ale, cycling and singing. I also thank him and his father for the recycled materials from their brewery which i use to create some of my products. Check them out at Also thanks to my soon to be mother in law, Sue, who is always there to soundboard ideas and she has a great eye for colours and styles.

What we Make?

I make products that are useful and promote crafts, skills and recreation. I like to create items for days out like picnic blanket or cool bags and  to help with craft and hobbies for example sewing bags or garden tool totes. I always use at least some recycled materials in my products, , and the materials i find often inspire me to create a new item. I believe that more time should be made for people to develop skills and crafts as well as have more time for fun, family and friends.

What do we blog about?

We like to write about our favourite local and independent businesses, news in the green and employment world, we show recipes, d.i.y projects and everything else we love. We will also keep you up to date with news from the shop, how we are getting on and any special offers or sales we have.

What we believe?

What we believe and what Maker’s Meadow represents as a shop and blog is:

1. We should support the small producers and business in the world

2. We need to protect our environment for ourselves and for the future

3. Massive chains and corporate companies damage producers, consumers and the environment

4. More people should learn practical skills and more people should own small businesses

5. Consumers should learn to shop in a different way to encourage small producers, care for the environment and help themselves

6. Everyone should have a job, but more of us should work part time so that we have the time for families, friends and fun.

We hope to make lots of new friends and customers, so please check out our Shop. We also would love for you to stay in touch, on Facebook, Twitter and pinterest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Are you a small business owner? Have you got an online store? Get in touch and tell us about yourself.


x xxx