Bird’s yard craft fair

Hey readers, I know it has been a super long time since my last post. I have been adjusting to life in the real world now that I have a job and not as much free time anymore but I feel like I am about to get back into the swing of things. Makers meadow is attending a craft fair this Saturday 21st and I invite you to come join us for a peruse and a shop if you can make it to sheffield. There will be lots of other craft stalls from independent creators throughout sheffield and I am really looking forward to it. Stop off and say hi if your come by.



Happy Shopping with 10% Off

shop on blog

You can now buy all my products directly from me via the blog. Simply click on the Shop Life button to find the shop, how to buy and all of my store policies. Hopefully this will make it easier for those of you who don’t shop on Etsy or Folksy but I highly recommend checking them out since they have such a great array of designers and creators to explore. As a little thank you for your readership and as a little incentive for the new shop I offer a gift of 10% off from now till the end of February.

happy reader coupon

Enjoy and Happy Shopping

Lorna x xxx

Great Taste Festival of Food and Drink, I’ll be there

I am pleased to announce my first fair I will be attended with my Maker’s Meadow products. It is The Great Taste Festival of Food and Drink at Donnington Park on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December. I am super excited but I have ALOT of work to do before I get there as I want to make sure I am fully stocked up in case its a sell out (going for optimistic) I am attending it with my partners business, Geeves Brewery as part of their merchandise sales as they will be selling T-shirts, pump clips, and their own gift sets as well as bottle beers of course. Although its not a classic craft fair I am really looking forward to getting my work out there to get some face to face feedback and reactions. With Christmas just around the corner I’m hoping people will snap of my work for gifts as I do think they make great presents for beer lovers and especially hard to buy for men, though of course all of my work is very unisex. If you can make it to have a look I’d be really pleased to meet people, the festival is £7 entry and there are over 120 exhibitors to find out about and get some wonderful Christmas shopping done for the foodies in your life. Wish me luok and don’t forget to stop by and say Hey if you see us, I’ll probably be wearing one of my aprons.


x xxx

Going international

air mailIf you saw my Everyday Etsy shopping feature earlier today the theme was Come Fly With Me, showing a choice selection of handmade and vintage for your holidays. This in fact was to celebrate that both Maker’s Meadow shops on Etsy and Folksy are now shipping internationally throughout the world! Hooray! Our products will now be available to purchase no matter where you are on this fine earth. I had slight trepidation about posting abroad but i have never had a problem with deliveries being sent my way so i shouldn’t worry about it vice verse and i have had such interest from America and Europe in particular that it seemed silly not too. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me before buying feel free to get in touch on Folksy, Etsy or my email

Happy Shopping


X xxx

A Malt Sack Journey

Upcycling is such an important part of my life, both for Maker’s Meadow as a shop and within my home life. ‘Going green’ is a journey for me that will continue for the rest of my life and it makes me so happy to be able to reuse and remake items for another use. Today i will show you the journey of the malt sacks i use to create our shop items from origin to product, including a little bit of info on malt and brewing. I use any waste materials the Geeves brewery supply me with and any new item always brings on a spur of inspiration and imagination as to what i could use it for.malt bags

As i have said the malt sacks i use come from our local brewery but before that they come from Fawcett & sons Maltsters, in Castleford, West Yorkshire. A maltster prepares the grains/malt for brewing, they do this by first soaking the grains and then drying them out using hot air, this changes starch in the grain in to sugars which in the brewing process will be turned into alcohol. The grains are then packed into sacks and delivered to the brewerymashing in

When brewing a mixture of grains are used to give different characteristics to the beer. The grains are added to what looks like a giant pot called a mash tun, they are slowly added to it along with very hot water, this is called mashing in. They are left in there for an hour+ till the sugars are extracted into the water (now called liquor) and this is transferred to the next part of the brewing process.Once the mashtun is empty of liquor and the grains have been washed to get out the remaining sugars, the malt is put back in to sacks. Our brewery gives these sacks to a local farming college for composting and to a local venison farmer who feeds his deer with it, making sure there is nothing going to the landfill. They then collect the malt sacks and give them to me at Maker’s Meadow, reducing their waste further.

malt in bag

The first step before making a product is the worse and that is cleaning it.Soapy hot water and alot of elbow grease generally does the job. I then cut out pattern pieces from the sacking, using it just like i would a piece of material, as well as any other fabric pieces i need for the design. I then construct the product using mainly my sewing and overlocking machine, as well as some glue and hand stitching. Each product can be completely different, depending on the sacking design position, color and any warping so each piece is unique.

sew sew sewing

I then photography each product and list my items on Etsy or Folksy. Once a customer orders an item i package it in recycled brown packing paper , sewing together the edges after inserting my business cards, a few freebies and special offers. I then trot down to the post office and send it off, happy that some one has brought from me a handmade and eco friendly product. Its not just malt sacks that i reuse though, i also use the packets that their hops come in for my cool bags, plastic wrap for packaging, and i get oodles of string which i will be using i a new project ( i’ll keep you posted). If you want to know more about brewing check out CAMRA for a guide and to see the rest of our products check out our Etsy or Folksy shops.

green geeves

Don’t forget to give us a tweet on Twitter if your over that way!


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Shop News: Bottle Carriers

4 pack blue bottle top

Happy Monday every body and what a monday its been. Work at 6 this morning, finished at 9, did the food shop, put away the washing, put more laundary on, general tidy round, cut out pieces ready for sewing some new cool bags and aprons, cheese toasty in hand, writing this short post and it’s only just past 12 o’clock yet.phew! I think it must be one of the first good Monday feelings i’ve had in a while and i might just be because i love my new range of items i’ve been making for the shop. Bottle Carriers.

                                               black full

Made from Maker’s Meadow staple material malt sacks from Geeves Brewery, the bottle carriers came to me like a stroke of genius, even if i do say so myself. The boys at the Brewery have recently started bottling their wares and it seemed like a bottle carrier made from the malt sacks whose previous contents where used to make the bottled beet would be a perfect partner to a few of their tipples. The malt bags are sewn into a circular holder containing 6 or 4 pockets one for each beer. The sacking is super strong, so there is no chance of rips or tears, and the cotton handles make a comfortable strap to carry but are triple stitched to add further security to the holder. Nothing worse then precious beer being geeves

We think they make a great present for beer lovers, just add a few of their favourite bevvy’s and you’ve got a ready made gift. If you want to try some of Geeves brewery new beers they are now being stocked online at Best of British Beer & Barley Hops. If your in South/West Yorkshire they are also avaliable at Beer Huis, Ossett,  Yorkshire Ales, Snaith and Blacker Hall Farm, Wakefield as well as many pubs we supply cask to as well. All the bottle carriers are now avaliable online on our Etsy or Folksy Shops and more colours will be avaliable soon.

Any beer fans in the readership today?


X xxx

Shop News: Donation December

veggySince it is the season of sharing and giving i shall be donating 75p from each purchase from the shop to a charity i have only just found but who share an ideal which i fully support and believe in. This crazy idea they have is that every one deserves to eat and eat well, and furthermore that the excessive food waste in this country can be distributed to those who need it rather then give it to a greedy landfill. Crazy idea right????fareshare

The Charity is Fare Share, a UK organisation that provides quality food to those who can’t afford it and training and education on food and cookery. They also campaign about food waste, the worst of which comes from supermarkets and food outlets like restaurants and cafes. Last week i blogged about finding out some astonishing facts about the affect of austerity Britain has had on UK diets. I decided to do a little bit more research and came across Fare Share. I can not stand waste, not only money wise but also the effect on the environment, and their message really spoke to me. Why let people go hunger when there is plenty to share around and that is what Fair Share is all about.

To sum up, buy anything from Maker’s Meadow whether from Folksy or Etsy this  December and i will donate 75p in your name to Fare Share via Just Giving or donate personally using my Just Giving page

Seasons Greetings
X xxx

Shop News: Now on Etsy

Just a quick note to say that i will now be selling on Etsy! Another great handmade online market place. Just like Folksy it features work by designers and makers of handmade goodies but it also has a big vintage selling base. You can also buy food and drink from lots of different places and find some unique flavours. I have decided to sell on Etsy as well because alot more people are familiar with it and will provide a bigger customer base for me to reach. It also means that as well as Folksy Friday i will be showing you my favourite picks from the wonderful world of Etsy on my new series called Everyday Etsy, sharing with you even more beautiful handmade goods plus vintage items for you to delight at. Perfect for the upcoming season of gift giving. Visit me at

Hope your having a great day
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