Take A Break

PTDC0161It has been a long time since i posted and will be a long time till i post again. I am taking an official break from the blog for the future to concentrate on other bits and bobs in my life including exercise, a little history project, practicing my French and  re-learning Spanish. The shops will remain open, stocked with plenty of lovely eco products. Catch you later!


x xxx


Add a bit of REAL flavour to life

Though I don’t particularly want to advertise freely for a big company like Swartz, their flavour shot advert is amazing and It makes me want to cook with only those fresh ingredients and not the artificial flavoured things they sell. Which I guess is the opposite of what they are trying to do with this ad but hey ho.

The Sound of Taste from Grey London on Vimeo.

I also wanted to include their making of video which is just as amazing and great to see the actions behind it. The only shame is all that wasted food! Hope the crew took it all home.

The making of ‘The Sound of Taste’ from Grey London on Vimeo.

So although this is an advertisement for fake flavour I implore you all to use the fresh, natural ingredients that are naturally given to us by Mother Nature, cos hell they are tasty!
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Goals 2013-2014

happy new year 2014Happy New Year to all my readers old and new, I hope you all have a brilliant 2014 and you’re dreams come true! 2013 has been a bumpy ride and I’m sure I’m not along. I wanted to first look at the few goals I made near the end of 2013 and see how I did which wasn’t super great but I am human after all. The only goal I completed was to stock and style my own cocktail cart…big surprise there haha, Pictures and descriptions to follow soon and no doubt a cocktail recipe or two. I never got round to making a dress for Christmas day and when we got to my Dads on Christmas Eve realised I had forgotten the dress I decided to wear instead … big fail! I made it to Hull and Leeds, having a brilliant  time seeing old friends but Liverpool will have to be this year. And finally I did no way manage to get 50 different items in my shop but that was a huge leap I suppose. I do have lots more stock though and will be making lots more this new year.

My goals for this year varied and as I still have not found a job this is going to be my main focus until I get one! I am going to continue working on the blog and shop as hard as I can but at the moment it is not reliable enough to be a main income. My more fun goals and challenges for this year include:

1. Learning the basics of French conversation in time for July and my friend Jonas’ wedding.

2. Practice cooking skills, I can put together brilliant meals in a flash but I would love to learn more professional techniques, first stop pasta as H bought me a pasta maker for Christmas

3. Spend less time on the computer! Although my blog and online shops guarantee I will use the internet everyday I feel I need to stop myself from procrastinating by constantly clicking through pinterest, buzzfeed and a newly acquired Netflix account! Doh! I think my eyeballs could take a break too.

Thanks for reading and good luck for 2014!


x xxx


The name refers to a delightful set of hair products that make your hair super glossy, soft, vibrant and even give you an orgasm!…..Well i pretty much doubt that along with all the other claims that; Herbal Essences, Loreal, Elvive and any other of those multi-million pound corporation with a 6 figure marketing budget and Eva longloria as their front model make. The basic function of Shampoo is to clean your hair. The best advice i would give for general thriftiness is to buy a own brand product because it will clean your hair and will not cost £3 plus for basically the same product.

big brandsBut arn’t they better quality the more expensive they are?

-NO, is pretty much the basic answer. The more expensive they are the more chemicals seem to be added and that can’t be good for your hair or scalp. The product will strip away natural oils and build up on your hair, potentially making problems worse. As Pat Thomas wrote on the ecologist ‘shampoos amount to a kind of chemical warfare on your scalp’.

-Once again you are paying for the advertising and the shareholders horrific salaries when you spend that much on a product. If you looked at the  cost of mass producing these items you would find it extremely low compared to the retail price

-They don’t care about the chemicals they put on your body so why should they care about the environmental impact of their products or their packaging. Many of the big brands still use animal testing and their packaging is not recyclable by most councils in the UK

cruelty free shampooSo maybe i’ll go for the cheaper option, but will it be greener?

-Not necessarily, but some cheaper products are not tested on animals and have packaging that’s easily recycled. Check the labels on the product and if in doubt you can always ring their help line and ask. Check your recycle bins/center for what plastic your council recycle

-You could instead choose alternative products, many of which usual have the same price tag/more then the big brands but can be naturally made, free from animal test, vegan, organic or fairtrade. The Bodyshop has a wide range even though it is a big brand but Lush is my favourite for on the high street beauty without a terrible environmental cost simply because their products work. There are also brands that are stocked in health shops and online, like Weleda and Faith which are also really great natural products

– You can also think about packaging when buying an item, plastic that can be recycled, glass bottles(maybe a bit pricey) or no packaging at all. Lush sell  solid shampoos  just wrapped in a paper bag which you can reuse or recycle and their plastic packaging is recycled and you can give them back to them when your done for it to be recycled again. Pretty nifty.

Do you use any eco shampoo you’d recommend?


X xxx

Folksy Friday: Perfectly Peachy

Not a massive supporter for valentines day, personally i think its a waste of money and ivented by the card companies but i do like the idea that it can ‘force’ people to make time for each other. We seem to be so busy rushing around that we don’t have alot of time to spend with our loved one all the time and i think it gives a perfect opportunity to have to quality time together. With this in mind i have a little shopping guide to help you out if you want to get a little something for your sweet heart. I have done an overtly girly one today as i found some lovely pieces and i really enjoyed this colour combinations.

perfect peach

I love Cassia Beck‘s photographic prints and this magnolia tree is no exception. They are beautifully photographed but i love the highlighted colours and the slightly vintage feel.  The Autumn Orchard delicate petal earrings are lovely and would love a set or two in the many colours they stock.  My favourite though is the Peach Parasol Print found in Steves Art Shop which is subtle in colour but hits big in its simple beauty, so much so i had to allow a full length photo of it to do it justice.

The Peach Parasol

Click on the main picture to find the rest of these items and have yourself a lovely weekend


X xxx

Everyday Etsy: Come Fly with Me

Today’s shopping guide is based on vintage travel and the fun of flying. If you pop back later today you’ll see why i picked todays theme but other then that its because there are some smashing finds out there in the Etsy world, so go have a look!
come fly with me I love the blue cardboard suitcase by alanaclemens, its a great, cheaper alternative for home decor compared to original vintage suitcases that can sometimes be on the pricer side, so if you want it for decoration then i’d opt for this one especially as you have the option to personalise it. The simple globe personalised stationary from naomilynn is a lovely piece to send to friends and family when your away on adventures. My heart for this week though belongs to whimsicalcraftss whoses Postal theme washi tape just makes me go I WANT. I can just imagine wrapping up presents and parcels with these just for the joy of seeing the recipient’s face. To see the rest of the shops, check out my treasury on Etsy.


X xxx

Happy New Year

I’d Like to say a very Happy New Year to my readers and customers and hope you all have had a wonderful holiday period and not dreading back to work too much. I had a lovely Christmas, managing to get round all of the family and meet up with some of my oldest and best friends. As with all my Christmas’s, i’ve had some great presents from loved ones, drank and eaten alot and watched lots of movies. Simple but makes me Happy and thats all you need. Really looking forward to the new year and i think it’s going to be an exciting one. So to start the year off, here are a few happy photos from the past couple of weeks. Look out for more posts this week on fresh starts and bringing in the new year.

three girls mufasa fakirs christmas tree bar apricot bavarian cream all togetherQI new years cocktails

Happy New Year
X xxx

Folksy Fridays: Chalk and Cheese

Todays folksy Friday is showing the best of the best of chalk and cheese. As of last weeks if you don’t know what folksy is then you should check it out especially as Christmas is coming up and its great for handmade and individual presents. Many designers also do custom products so you can personalise it for your friends and family. I would definitely love to give the seed labels from Love Imagining to my gardener father and the slate cheese board from Grey & Echo as he loves his cheeses as well. My ultimate favourite this week is the Say Cheese lino print card from Hand Made

So anything here take your fancy? And how familiar are you with the amazing folksy? Check all of them out at my pinterest board Folksy Friday: Chalk & Cheese

Have a great day


X xxx

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