DIY Decorate: Lacey Lampshade

DIY Lacey LampshadeWhen it comes to decorating the bedroom always falls by the way side as it’s not a public room in your house. You always want to get your living room and kitchen in order first and then something else crops up so you always push back doing up the bedroom. So I am determined to bring a bit more life into our drab bedroom and to start off I made an impacting lacey lampshade to set a romantic tone for relaxation and comfort. I have seen a lot of people on pinterest make these white chandelier type shades but most were made using waxed paper rather then the lace I used. I wanted lace because I already have lots of it ( thrifty as always) and it is very romantic, light and serene. Plus a mini disclaimer that my room is not green I just really want to paint it that when it’s done but for now we have to live with this horrible peach and gross border. Sorry for the terrible photo shop. lol.

DIY lampshade before and afterYou will need: Lots and lots of lace, square of cardboard just larger then a dinner plate, white thread, hot glue gun, white string

1. First you need to cut lots and lots of lace circles a little smaller then a jam jar, I would estimate about 400. That sounds a lot but they don’t take long to make when you fold over several pieces of the lace and cut from there.

2. Stitch the lace pieces together with a straight stitch on the sewing machine and make sure you leave a long piece of thread at the end of each piece. For the centre piece you will need approximately 10 with a length of 10 circles, 20 with a length of 8 circles, 30 with a length of 5 circles.

3. You will then need to cut your hoops for the frame. Make 3 different sizes with each 1.5cm width, 1 a dinner plate, 1 a side plate and 1 slightly smaller. The smallest one you need to make sure it is bigger then the bulb in your lamp fitting so that it is not touching otherwise it might burn while on.

DIY lampshade step by step

4. When you have the hoops cover them by using strips of lace and wrap around securing each piece with a little hot glue.

5. Once you have the hoops and lace lengths you can construct the shade. Use 4 equal pieces of thick thread or string to attach the smallest hoop to the medium hoop and then 4 more from the medium to the largest hoop. You want to position then at the middle points around the hoop, like north, south, east and west.

6. You can then attach the lacey lengths. Start with the smallest hoop and attach the lengths of 10 till full. The medium hoop attach the lengths of 8. The largest hoop add the lengths of 5. Flip the lampshade the other way around and your are almost done

7. Use the string or thick thread to attach the largest hoop to the light fixture. The lampshade is quite light so its should hold in place and not sag. You want to have it attached far up into the light fitting so the bulb is encased within the smallest of the hoops.

DIY lampshade romantic bed lookThere we have it! I love the way it floats when the window is open and how stunning it looks as a feature piece. My only wish would be that it was a little darker in the room when the light is on but it still looks fabulous. Hopefully get cracking on the rest of the room to make it more friendly and relaxing.


x xxx

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