Winter Wishlist

winter wish list This January has given me time to get organised around the house, de-cluttering and find a place for everything and everything in its place. The process has made me think about new items I’d like to fill my home and something I want to update. Part of organising in January is to do with improving health and de stressing. I am not ill very often but have a fair amount of problems with allergy induced asthma in day to day, so part of my January clear up was to get on top of cleaning and remove said allergens so I would really like some new fancy anti allergy pillows to help me sleep. Another tip I’m trying to employ is adding lots of house plants to help purify the air and would like a huge palm in the bedroom.  I want to add lots more art to the house too and have found some amazing  abstract pieces, like this blue one, which I would love to have in my home. Trying to be more green I would love to replace my makeup brushes with some long lasting bamboo ones (I hardly wear makeup so they would last me for years as well) and swap my glue sticks to a eco friendly alternative.  My only need* on the list is a facial exfoliator, the winter months have  made  my skin dry and dull, I would like to glow :D



X xxx

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