Learning French

As part of my New Years resolutions I am attempting to learn French, mainly so that when I go visit my friend Jonas for his wedding this summer I won’t be standing around like a lemon the entire time not understanding what any one is on about. His beautiful fiancée Aline doesn’t speak English either so I really want to be able to talk to her properly and no doubt tell her how beautiful she looks on her wedding day. So far I have been very good and down loaded an App called Duolingo and stuck to it.


It is a really good app for explaining the basics of grammar and building up vocab but I am under no illusion it will help me speak french. For that I will have to rely on speaking to Harry who is fluent and, my best mate Jade, also fluent. I think the app is really good though all the same. It builds up slowly so you can grasp each section before moving on, can revisit any lesson and it will even tell you the words you are weakest on so you can practice them. I have almost been using it for two weeks and I definitely feel like I am making progress.


On the few days that I have missed my training I make sure that I do extra the next time I do it, which takes a lot longer but it is worth it to keep up to scratch. You have a mini owl trainer who helps you stay on track lol. He tells you how many more points you need to stay on track and emails when you miss a day (naughty) I have counted the lessons and believe the app will take me to the end of March which will give me plenty of time from then to brush up on speaking french conversationally. Hopefully by Summer I won’t embarrass myself too much and develop a accent not based on ‘Allo ‘allo!

Wish me luck
X xxx


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