Goals 2013-2014

happy new year 2014Happy New Year to all my readers old and new, I hope you all have a brilliant 2014 and you’re dreams come true! 2013 has been a bumpy ride and I’m sure I’m not along. I wanted to first look at the few goals I made near the end of 2013 and see how I did which wasn’t super great but I am human after all. The only goal I completed was to stock and style my own cocktail cart…big surprise there haha, Pictures and descriptions to follow soon and no doubt a cocktail recipe or two. I never got round to making a dress for Christmas day and when we got to my Dads on Christmas Eve realised I had forgotten the dress I decided to wear instead … big fail! I made it to Hull and Leeds, having a brilliant  time seeing old friends but Liverpool will have to be this year. And finally I did no way manage to get 50 different items in my shop but that was a huge leap I suppose. I do have lots more stock though and will be making lots more this new year.

My goals for this year varied and as I still have not found a job this is going to be my main focus until I get one! I am going to continue working on the blog and shop as hard as I can but at the moment it is not reliable enough to be a main income. My more fun goals and challenges for this year include:

1. Learning the basics of French conversation in time for July and my friend Jonas’ wedding.

2. Practice cooking skills, I can put together brilliant meals in a flash but I would love to learn more professional techniques, first stop pasta as H bought me a pasta maker for Christmas

3. Spend less time on the computer! Although my blog and online shops guarantee I will use the internet everyday I feel I need to stop myself from procrastinating by constantly clicking through pinterest, buzzfeed and a newly acquired Netflix account! Doh! I think my eyeballs could take a break too.

Thanks for reading and good luck for 2014!


x xxx


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