Simple Christmas: A Simple Star

star atop a treeI needed a topper for my tree and one that was thrifty and eco friendly, so I returned to my old friend the toilet roll. This is a quick tutorial of how to make a golden star to sit atop your tree. You will need a toilet roll or a cut down kitchen roll, a piece of cardboard, craft knife, glue or masking tape, gold spray paint and a star template ( or draw your own)

1. Use your template to draw the star on to your piece of cardboard. I made a template on the computer by using four diamonds to make the classic nativity shaped star

2. Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the starstar and template

3. Spray paint the front of the star

4. Glue or tape the toilet roll on to the back of the star and at the bottom. Spray paint the back of the star including the toilet roll to make a neat finish

star with toilet roll attached star back painted

a very pretty eco tree 

5. Pop on the tree and admire your work

I love this simple star for my glorious little tree. Its bright and bold but nice and traditional. If your tree is lacking something special still then this is the perfect little DIY to finish off with the Christmas decorating


X xxx



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