Simple Christmas: Yarn Tinsel

The first decoration I’ve made this year is a easy but quite a time consuming craft called finger knitting. I learnt it off a video on design sponge and it creates a very long garland like tinsel. You can use any wool or ribbon but the thicker the better to get a fuller looking garland. I used some thick mustard yarn which I had taken off a scarf/poncho thing and tied each bit together to form a long string, it is easier however with one long continuous piece. It takes quite a while to make a substantial garland so this is perfect to snuggle under a blanket on the couch and watch several Christmas films! Thanks go to my wonderful mother in law for allowing me use of her hands to show you how to do it :D

point 11. Tie one end of the yarn to your thumb on your non dominant hand, doesn’t have to be tight as you will be taking it off soon. Have your palm facing you.

point 22. Weave the yarn through your fingers by going over your forefinger first, then under the middle, over the ring and under the pinkie, then come back to the thumb by going around and over the pinkie, under the ring, over the middle and under the fore.

Point 33. You will now have a complete line across your fingers. Repeat step 2 so that you have  two lines across your fingers

point 4 completed point 44. Now take the bottom line on each finger and pull it over the top one and over the tip of your finger, so you only have one line. At this point it does feel like you’ve cocked it up but you haven’t. To do the one on your forefinger, untie your thumb and place the lose thread towards the back of your hand and pull over the bottom thread. It will look weird but you will later use it to tie off the bottom of the garland.

5. Now repeat the weaving process again so you once again have two lines and then bring the bottom line over the top again. This is basically the process and you keep doing this till you have the length you require.

point 6 several lines off the fingers6. At first you will just have an ugly clump of yarn at the back of your hand, every now and again pull the bottom, i.e. where you started, to stretch the garland out and eventually it will start to look how it should .

Christmas tree partial decoratedI really love this decoration as a more homely and warm alternative to tinsel. I’m not adverse to a bit of glitter but I like that this isn’t made from plastic and I finally found a use for that yarn I’d been hording. The perfect craft to do whilst watching a few cracking Christmas movies


x xxx



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