Thrifty & Nifty Food: Bonus Free Stuff

Turn Scraps into More FoodThis is a quick bonus post as part of my thrifty and nifty food series. I love it when something I buy has more then one use and I will actually choose a lot of products for their dual use, a couch because it’s also a sofa bed for example. I apply this principle to food always as it’s great to get something for free and I hate waste. So I’ve made a little list of food items that I’ve  found have something ‘free’ with them or have another use then you might think. Please add you own discovers in the comments!

Things you use to throw away

  • Cauliflower leaves- brilliant roasted, strip the leaves from the stalks and toss with oil and other vegetables and roast in the oven, they come out lovely and crispy
  • Banana Skins- These do wonders for plants (psss its the potassium) although you should always try compost, banana skins  can be chucked straight on struggling plant. place it around it’s trunk and as it degrades it will release all of its lovely nutrients
  • Vegetable Peelings- Most of us cut off the outer layer of our root vegetables and chuck them hopefully in the compost but you can use them to make stock. They also make great crisps deep fried in a pan or electric fryer, they taste great and are a good way of using up the tougher outer skins
  • Broccoli stalks- Cut off a layer from the main stalk as it can be a bit tough and then dice the rest of the stock and use in soups or pies as a normal piece of veg.

free kitchen things

Double Use

  • Pumpkins and Squash seeds- Wash the seeds and get all the pulp off them, bake in a warm own for 10 mins until golden brown, toast with chilli flakes and salt for a tasty health snack. Make sure to spread them out on a baking tray so they all cook evenly
  • Marmite- When you can eck out any more marmite for your toast and next time you make a meaty stock fill the jar with hot water, swish around with the lid on and you’ll get all that tasty flavour for your stock.
  • Vinegars and Oils- If you ever get jars of food marinated in vinegar reserve the liquid for salad dressings and any marinating Oil is great for cooking as it’s already got lots of flavour in it.

Free items

  • Spring onions- I have never bought elastic bands because I always get two every time I buy spring onions.
  • Produce Netting- Citruses, onions and garlic always come in those horrible plastic netting bags, collect a few and stuff them into  one small one to create a free pan scourer
  • Jars and bottles- A classic bit of recycling, use your old jars to make preserves and your bottles to make presents like flavoured alcoholic drinks or chilli and garlic oil, my favourite.

Please add your free finds in the comments


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