We Did It! Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017!

I just wanted to congratulate my happy hometown the City of Hull as we have just won the UK City of Culture 2017! It means a lot to me and everyone in the city as it is great to finally be recognised as a brilliant place to go. I often have to convince people what a great city it is because we always receive the worst press. Low unemployment (tell me a city that doesn’t at the moment), high car theft and shoplifting; ( another undistinguishable city trait) and grubby looking ( plenty of regeneration in the past 10 years and prettier then you think). Some people will always pick out the worst in a place and will never focus on the good. Most critics fail to mention its one of the safest cities in the UK with gun crime practically unheard of and ‘gangs’ consisting of a few teenage chavs that grow fruit mould on their upper lip. As we have won City of Culture people not from this beautiful town may start to visit now that the media will be giving us a fair voice. I hope the rest of Britain will come to learn that we are a city full to the brim with cultural events and experiences. The music and theatre scene is huge, our museums & galleries outstanding and free, our parks bountiful, the history instrumental to the story of Britain, we have a brilliant array of independent pubs, restaurants, shops, cafes and bars and it’s one of the friendliest places to be. Any one who still says Hull is crap obviously hasn’t been and if they have they didn’t get a true Hullion to show them around! Congratulations again and thanks to all involved who have put us back on the map, I can’t wait to take part in the events the city  has got planned!

x xxx


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