Everyday Etsy: Green & Clean

This is a lovely collection of beauty and bath products from Etsy that are all eco friendly and eco conscious. As I said in my last green everyday Etsy, It’s hard to change everything in your day to day straight away to get to a more green life,  so replace one product you have when it runs out with a green or ethical alternative and do that for all your products and you’ll soon have the best items that are good for you and the planet.

Green & Clean

I personally have stopped buying face wipes and instead bought crocheted wool pads like these from Deer Season and a cleanser from Lush Fresh Farmacy which is brilliant and gets my skin really fresh and free of makeup. When you’ve used the wool pads a few times just chuck them in with your wash and use again.  Though I love Lush i’d love to try the make up remover from Conscious Skin Care, I love their packaging and the information about the products. It’s sometimes hard to decorate in the bathroom as it always seems such a functional room so this beautiful soap dish would be a lovely little edition from Prince Design UK.

Go green and stay clean


x xxx


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