And Relax ….

I have had two really good weekends and it feels like a well deserved break, but the Monday blues are setting in so looking through my photos to remind me of the holidays. I spent a weekend visiting friends and family in Bedford and London with the weekend after spent in France with Harry visiting our friend Jonas and his new fiancé Aline.

Hollande Park Edwina and Nathan Antipasto & prosseco ooooo a plane Major and Captain

It was brilliant to see one of my best friends Edwina, as I haven’t seen her since Christmas. She is my travel buddy and we have our own bizarre sense of humour and private jokes that I miss lots.

Rob & Karina elie jon Tasty beverages st pancras Karina and ice-cream

I visited my aunt and uncle in Bedford and spent a day in London with some of my cousins. We live all over the country and one in another country so its great to make the effort and get to see each other even if only brief.

French stairway Harry enjoying a drink in BamJam Moi in BamJam Escargot  or snails to you Dijon Theatre Brazzerie de Vezeley

France was brilliant. Harry lived there in Dijon for a year while studying and though it was hard to be apart it means we now have our brilliant friend Jonas to go visit. It was also great to spend some quality time with Harry and it was only while there we realised it was the first weekend we have had totally free together in six months! it definitely showed us that we need to spend more time together.

ah love IMG_5486 Cherries zee french countryside french farmhouse

Its been a great couple of weeks and although we are back to the grind now, I think it has definitely reminded me and Harry we need to put more effort into spending time together as a couple and give ourselves more time as individuals to follow things we enjoy other then just work. So take some time out next weekend for yourself, for your partner, for friends or for family.


X xxx


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