Look Local: Bier Huis

green geevesI am very pleased to announce that my  bottle carriers are now being sold in the wonderful shop that is Bier Huis- World of Beer in the town of Ossett, West Yorkshire. It is the perfect outlet for the product because not only do they sell lashings of brilliant bottled beer, they stock Geeves Brewery Bottles which is the brewery where I get the malt sacks to make these wonderful upcycled creations. Obviously I am super proud to be stocked in a bricks and mortar shop but I want to tell you about what a wonderful place it is too as a local independent shop.

Beer, as you can imagine, is everything to David Jones the owner of Bier Huis and this comes through in the top selection of bottled ales there is on offer. You won’t find big brands here but local, small and often rare brews that all taste brilliant. The shop is stocked to the rafters with bottles and makes it feel like a library for the real ale aficionado. You could spend a decent hour perusing the aisles before settling on a bottle or ten for that matter, and i’m sure if you didn’t know where to start Dave would lend you a hand and find you the perfect tipple. There are also plenty from further a field with a hefty selection of world beers to try all with unique styles and tastes. I’ts not all beer though, cider makes a top appearance too especially since it is hard to find real bottle cider that’s not made by big bad Weston’s.

Compared to your regular off license the selection is marvellous and this is true also in the food that is surprisingly sold here too. You’d normally find a few bags of crisps, nuts and maybe even popcorn, in a shop devoted to alcohol but Bier Huis goes much further with local chutneys, mustards, sauces, even some Yorkshire made chorizo … drool! and of course handmade crisps. There is also gifts for sale including beer packages and glasses, brilliant for when you’ve forgot a beer lovers birthday. Its great to see a small shop doing so well and that is no doubt down to picking top quality products and what better job to have then having to quality control beer. If you like your real ales this is the place to go for a good mix and some cracking tastes.

Enjoy the sun this week while you can


X xxx


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