In the World: BrewDog

brew dog sales riseMy in the world series normally looks at interesting and inspiring things I have seen, read or listened to but I am afraid this one it a bit of a grumble but something I feel strongly about. For those of you who follow the news of the UK brewing world you will probably be familiar with BrewDog, for those who are not they are a Scottish brewery based in Aberdeenshire who call themselves punks of the brewing world. They are against corporations and their mass production of fizzy, tasteless lager and the use of chemicals and cheap substitutes.  An admirable cause…if the first part were true.

I find it a tad ironic that these punks who are against corporations have become one themselves in terms of size and money. They have had a 193% growth in 3 years and are continuing to grow in both brewery size and bars (they have 12, soon to be more) I am all for starting and building a successful business and , although some don’t share my politics, without the need to earn a million quid a year, but I can’t see how you can call yourself a punk (an originally anti-establishment movement) and become another part of the capitalist establishment by being a mass producing company. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Furthermore, I hate the arrogance of their presentation (though this might be purely for advertising). They say they are the only ones creating revolutionary beers and are leading the way in craft brewing. There are over 900 breweries in the UK  700 of which you would class as small or micro breweries all of which produce interesting and unique brews. Personally I don’t like most BrewDog beers, they taste odd and are weird for the sake of being weird but that’s my own taste. It particularly stung when they opened a bar in Leeds last year proclaiming that they were finally to ‘bring the craft beer revolution to Leeds’ Excuse my language but what a load of Bollocks! Leeds has had a thriving ale scene for over a decade, with a bountiful amount of pubs and bars offering many a fine beer, I should know I’ve drank in them. The famous North Bar has served hundreds of craft beers from the UK and around the world and they celebrate their 16th Birthday this year, so BrewDog your a little too late.

Ok, Rant over, I just wanted to share with you something I disapprove of; namely a corporation pretending to be ‘your friend’. If however they generally believe they are leading a revolution, one that already happened ten years ago, then they are simply misguided and ignorant of the brilliant UK brewing industry that is far from stagnant.


X xxx


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