In The World: A Beautiful Mess

I found the blog A Beautiful Mess (ABM) a few years ago and rediscovered it about a year and a half ago and since then i have become a daily reader. Along with my own social networking, blog, etsy, folksy and several news sites, ABM is an individual blog that has me coming back every day simply beause:

‘We share simple ways to create an inspired lifestyle. We believe in taking time each day to make something pretty. We believe in lifelong learning. Most of all, we believe that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be beautiful.’

The blog, run by two sisters Elsie & Emma and a host of family and friends, is a lifestyle blog featuring lots of recipes, fashion, crafts, DIY and plenty of inspiring stories. I love their DIY features as they give you great ideas for your own home and clearly explain how to create some thing making it easy for any one to try it. They also have plenty of mouth watering photography to accompany their never-ending exploration of yummy foods. I salivate alot and which i could find half the ingredients they use. I did once try their cheese cracker recipe and they were gorgeous.

They are also brilliant when it comes to business advice for small businesses and bloggers as they have done it themselves, starting at the bottom and working their way  up to what appears to winning success. They have their blog, a vintage store (though they are in the process of selling it) have created E-courses, writing books and launched an IPad app! They show you how hard work and vision can create a career more tangible then you might think from starting your own business.  I have even purchased their own busness e-course called Dream Job and it is fabulous.

Their work is not only inspiring for small business owners like myself but also for any one who wants to live a fuller and more inspiring life. They wrote a wonderful article on inspiration a few months ago and how you should not try and lead an inspiring life like the heroes you think of as inspiring but instead put your efforts into leading an inspired life. Inspiring puts the focus on others, inspired puts the focus on you. Do what makes you inspired and happy. I thought it was a lovely post but i thought it was a funny that Elsie and Emma would right about not trying to be one of heroes who inspires you when they themselves are truely inspirational people and bring such colour to the world even throught the web to a person thousands of miles away from them. Keep up the good work i say and thank you.


X xxx


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