Making clothes

One of my challenges i set for 2013 was to make more clothes for myself and after a long break from creative crafting, making something for yourself that you can enjoy, can really inspire you. I’ve already made a top, another top and a skirt which can be warn together as a dress or as seperate pieces and fixed all the holes and hems that have been screaming at me for months to be mended.polka dot dress

I am no expert at dress making and i have to admit it normally goes a little wrong in some place but thats part of the learning process and practice make perfect so thats what i intend to do some that by the end of the year i will be very comfortable in making clothes for myself. I have also noticed that the more i practice the quicker i become and so making a top in a couple of hours or a dress in a day seems like a less choresome task as i am getting instant wearable results.sewing top

My favourite things about making my own clothes are that they can’t be find anywear else and i am not spending my money at big box stores who don’t particular do society any favours. It makes me feel more independent and able to wear exactly what i want.


X xxx


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