A Little Bit of Green

a little bit of ivy greenMy favourite thing i have been doing for my home has been bringing in more plants. A little bit of green in our lives soaks up nasty chemicals from  cookers, fridges and general air pollution anbd the chuck out lots of lovely oxygen in return. They also make me happy just looking at them. It’s a sense of wholesomeness and a healthy home.leafy greens

There are also the benefits of having edible plants in the kitchen for fresh flavour hits. When i got to aldi (our fav supermarket) i buy a herb pot everytime we shop there. If i buy one every couple of weeks its a little price rather then buying lots of plants in one go which can end up pricey. So far we have a basil and mint, soon to be added, chives, parsley and coriander which will fill my window sill up nicely and i’ll have lots of tasty herbs to add to our meals. I have also started growing little bits of veg from kitchen scraps, the stumps/roots of spring onions and lettuce hearts have been working great and now i have no need to keep buying then, just pick off what i need.brightens up my daybeautiful blooms

I also like having freshly cut flowers to brighten up corners and add colour throughout the house. It is luxury which i can’t always afford but they are worth it when ou do buy them. Failing buying a big bouquet i will cut a few flowers and greenery from the garden to make little arrangements for around the home. A little bit of green goes a long way.



X xxx


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