Soup Maker Life Saver

close up soup makerI don’t normall do reviews for such a big brand company, which doesn’t help the local economy and makes an abhorant amount of profit (BUT) and it’s a BIG BIG BUT. This product is amazing.Essentially the Morphy Richards soup maker is a kettle with an in built blended. You put your ingredients in, press the function you want (smooth, chunky, blend or juice), press start and soon you have your lunch or a smoothie if you feel like it.The Soup Maker was my ‘big’ pressie at Christmas from my Papa and Jane, and it was literally a total surprise and it’s fair to say i was a little unsure and sceptical at first, beind a bit of a technophobe. As soon as i used it however, i bloody loved it and have been knocking up soup at least once a week on it.

soup makers

The big thing is that it’s quick. The instructions say to saute the veg first and then place it in the maker to cook but laziness prevailed and i tried it with out the added step and the results were just as tasty. Now i can make dinner in basically 5 mins, chop a load of veg, add in herbs, spices, stock cube, water or maybe some coconut milk if its an exotic one and away we go. It works best for blended soups and i would say that for your chunky style soup a saute before hand adds a good bit of flavour.

whats in the fridgeIt’s time saving because it’s quick but also because i can prep dinner or lunch hours before if i know i’ll be busy later. I could even chop all the veg for it days before and keep it in the freezer or wrapped up tight in the fridge. Its perfect for me at the moment when i am so busy during the day and i am working the bar at night. i still get really tasty healthy food but with out some of the faff when i don’t have the time to enjoy a long cook off. Lastly, it means that waste just shouldn’t and doesn’t happen, especially in the veg department. No matter whats left at he end of the week i can whack it in the soup machine and have a healthy dinner at no extra cost and no waste to my wallet or the environment.

oat and apple smoothie

I can’t praise it enough and i will show you some of my favourite soups and smoothies to make with it very soon.
Now go forth my children and make soup!


X xxx

p.s. I am not being paid to review this, all opinions are my own but if ou want to send me some kitchen gadgetry feel free to do so Morphy Richards

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