In The World: Geeves Brewery Pump Clips

Fully LadenAs some of you may or may not know my partner Harry or H as he has come to be know owns a brewery with his father, Pete, and though i am completely biased i really love their pumpclip designs. Harry designs all of them to display their tasyt beers. He even won an award for best new pumpclip designs of the year from the Pumpclip museum and i am so proud of him.Bow Hauler

Harry’s family use to live on a narrowboat and as such all the beers they produce are named around a canal theme with their pumpclips reflecting this.. Harry uses photographs and digital drawing to make the designs and he took all the photos while sailing up and down the waterways of Britain. However he does tinker with them a little to get the right effect. For example Bow Hauler. Though H has pulled many a boat he doesn’t normally do it bare chested in a harness. Shame. He was infact strapped to his dads back gate. But it looks good.

I love some of the designs for their simple use of colour, well matching tones with simple backgrounds seem to be the most appealing to me like in Clear Cut. Te ones i like the most are ales with a story behind them and with the ones featuring the real people behind the brewery. Tiller Girl has my sister-in-law Verity on the front with the addition of my saucey lips on the banner. ;) and locked up feature both Harry and Pete. Next with need one with mum, Sue and the family dog, Heidi.

I think they really draw people in because they have real people behind them and they are colourful and fun. Perfect when we are trying get people to sup our beer. Plus as H will tell you i just loved themes. Happy Drinking.


X xxx


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