The name refers to a delightful set of hair products that make your hair super glossy, soft, vibrant and even give you an orgasm!…..Well i pretty much doubt that along with all the other claims that; Herbal Essences, Loreal, Elvive and any other of those multi-million pound corporation with a 6 figure marketing budget and Eva longloria as their front model make. The basic function of Shampoo is to clean your hair. The best advice i would give for general thriftiness is to buy a own brand product because it will clean your hair and will not cost £3 plus for basically the same product.

big brandsBut arn’t they better quality the more expensive they are?

-NO, is pretty much the basic answer. The more expensive they are the more chemicals seem to be added and that can’t be good for your hair or scalp. The product will strip away natural oils and build up on your hair, potentially making problems worse. As Pat Thomas wrote on the ecologist ‘shampoos amount to a kind of chemical warfare on your scalp’.

-Once again you are paying for the advertising and the shareholders horrific salaries when you spend that much on a product. If you looked at the  cost of mass producing these items you would find it extremely low compared to the retail price

-They don’t care about the chemicals they put on your body so why should they care about the environmental impact of their products or their packaging. Many of the big brands still use animal testing and their packaging is not recyclable by most councils in the UK

cruelty free shampooSo maybe i’ll go for the cheaper option, but will it be greener?

-Not necessarily, but some cheaper products are not tested on animals and have packaging that’s easily recycled. Check the labels on the product and if in doubt you can always ring their help line and ask. Check your recycle bins/center for what plastic your council recycle

-You could instead choose alternative products, many of which usual have the same price tag/more then the big brands but can be naturally made, free from animal test, vegan, organic or fairtrade. The Bodyshop has a wide range even though it is a big brand but Lush is my favourite for on the high street beauty without a terrible environmental cost simply because their products work. There are also brands that are stocked in health shops and online, like Weleda and Faith which are also really great natural products

– You can also think about packaging when buying an item, plastic that can be recycled, glass bottles(maybe a bit pricey) or no packaging at all. Lush sell  solid shampoos  just wrapped in a paper bag which you can reuse or recycle and their plastic packaging is recycled and you can give them back to them when your done for it to be recycled again. Pretty nifty.

Do you use any eco shampoo you’d recommend?


X xxx


2 thoughts on “Yes..Yess.YESSSSS

    • Lol I actually do like coal tar and I tend to buy products with it, if I can find them at the right price, as I have very dry scalp and hair too. I love Lush products no matter, mmmmm

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