Settling In

It’s been quite on the blogging front for a while now but it’s certainly not been a quiet ride or the past couple of weeks. I’ve had more then enough work to keep me occupied but have had to neglect my shop and the blog to keep things going here. Currently having rooms in the flat fixed and blank canvased by Paul and looking forward to properly moving in by the end of next week once i get some carpets. The pub is going good and we are slowly attracting more people to it with lots of real ales to try and now a local cider on the bar. Will be able to post a few articles this week including a ethical shopping guide to shampoos and the favourite series 15 uses will be here again soon. I’ve missed writing and showing you all what i am up to so hoping to get back on track once we have settled in to our home properly and the routine of running the pub fits in to place. Here’s a few snaps of our progress upstairs, ripping out the carpets and in some places stripping 5 layers of wallpaper!

empty living room empty bed room busy paul Appliances have arrived



X xxx


One thought on “Settling In

  1. Is there a Saint for Decorators ? Saint Paul methinks. I think it is astonishing how quickly and thoroughly he is changing the rooms. PLEASE keep putting up photos. I don`t even know if he needs more work,but to anyone interested- he decorated my bedroom a while back and it is so good I will NEVER change the wallpaper again…an added bonus is not many people can say our decorator decorated in BUCKINGHAM PALACE – !!! Finally I commend you for camping out in the place so far. It amazes me to see people on TV who don`t move into a place until it is perfect. It has not been easy for you,running the pub as well, but the knight in shining armour is with you now. Bless. xxxx

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