Folksy Friday: Perfectly Peachy

Not a massive supporter for valentines day, personally i think its a waste of money and ivented by the card companies but i do like the idea that it can ‘force’ people to make time for each other. We seem to be so busy rushing around that we don’t have alot of time to spend with our loved one all the time and i think it gives a perfect opportunity to have to quality time together. With this in mind i have a little shopping guide to help you out if you want to get a little something for your sweet heart. I have done an overtly girly one today as i found some lovely pieces and i really enjoyed this colour combinations.

perfect peach

I love Cassia Beck‘s photographic prints and this magnolia tree is no exception. They are beautifully photographed but i love the highlighted colours and the slightly vintage feel.  The Autumn Orchard delicate petal earrings are lovely and would love a set or two in the many colours they stock.  My favourite though is the Peach Parasol Print found in Steves Art Shop which is subtle in colour but hits big in its simple beauty, so much so i had to allow a full length photo of it to do it justice.

The Peach Parasol

Click on the main picture to find the rest of these items and have yourself a lovely weekend


X xxx


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