Lets talk about toilets

lets talk toilets

We all have to go to the toilet. FACT, but is it something we think about when it comes to our Eco credentials. We have heard about composting toilets and camping wild aided only with a shovel and disregard for cold bottoms but i could understand that not everyone want to poo in a hole in the ground nor wipe their behind with a leaf. Whats the problem with normal toilets i hear you say? Well, potential they can be quite sh*t!

loo rollSo what’s the problem?

-It can be a massive waste of water, 30-40% of household water is used flushing the loo, which can really top up if your on a water meter, plus it is just plain waste especially since in 2012 we had droughts throughout England

-Toilet paper is an everyday essential but the cost to trees could be huge if we don’t encourage recycled brands and tree replanting. Even recycled paper can be potentially bad for the environment as new wood pulp needs to be mixed with it if it becomes to filmsy (most paper can only be recycled 5-6 times as fibers weaken) and some pulp can come from damaging and sometimes illegal deforestation *

– Standard Bleach, limescale remover, toilet fresheners can all contain chemicals that can be both bad for the environment and for yourself. We all know that bleach can burn if you leave some on your skin, but its doubtful that any chemical product is good for your complexion and artificial fragrances have significant impact on pollinating insects as they get confused trying to find flower through these smells.

ecover toilet cleanerAny solutions?

-There are several water saving devises that reduce the amount used when flushing. Save-a-flush, The Hippo and The Interflush are some of the readily available device and this article from the Ecologist compares their benefits/costs among other alternatives.

– Recycled paper is best as it reduces landfill waste and the process is less intensive then virgin paper. However, look at the label and choose one that is made from paper waste not pulp and free from chlorine. Another rule being that the whiter and brighter it is the more chemicals and processes, so technically the browner the better. (please no jokes about second hand toilet paper)

– You can buy eco toilet cleaners and fresheners from all over now and cost the same as your big named chemical brands. Ecover is my fav green cleaning company. Better still you can make your own with household ingredients, Bicarb mixed with water can whiten and giver a shine, lemon is antibacterial and freshens and chuck a bottle of cheap sugary cola down in the bowl over night and it acts like a great limescale remover.

There we have it, just a few simple steps to take and you can feel nice and green next time you pop to the little boy’s/girl’ room. Have you ever thought about your toilet in this way or is it something we forget about because it is such an essential?


X xxx


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