15 Uses: Bubble Wrap

Doesn’t everybody love abit of bubble wrap! there seems to be a nostalgic feeling linked to it and i can only think its because you get all crazy like a child when you start popping the little brutes. That said i do have 5 inspired ideas for children but there is also 5 practical uses for it and 5 more creative ones. It may not be the most eco friendly thing to use but if you already have some make sure to keep on reusing it rather then put it in the bin. I was very fortunate last year to acquire a huge roll of it when a new TV came in a very big box filled to the brim with the stuff. Its gonna last me a very very long time. practical bubble wrap

5 Practical Ideas

1. Bubble wrap i a great insulator so use to line a cotton bag to make a insulated lunch box/bag. Keep your sarnies fresh and your drinks cool.

2. Line brown envelopes with sheets of bubble wrap to create a safe package for delicate items. You could even make your own envelopes from scrap paper by gluing/taping bubble wrap to the paper then folding in two and taping shut.

3. Print off a simple number calendar then cover with bubble wrap with the right sized bubbles. Pop a bubble everyday and keep on track

4. Simple but effect stress relief. Just keep popping till you feel better :D

5. Insulate again by covering window panes with bubble wrap, it keeps the heat in but also stops windows heating up rooms in bright summers. Maybe not the most attractive looks but certainly works.

bubble wrap kids

5 Fun Things for Kids

1. A bit early but never to early to plan next christmas. Same principle as the calendar make an advent one to count down the days till Christmas

2. Paint and print using the wrap, great rainy day activity. Makes great honeycomb, Fish scales and sea.

3. Make a travel game by printing/drawing items e.g. lorry, cow etc and letting kids pop a bubble when they see one. Easy eye spy.

4. Just give kids a load of bubble wrap to play with and their imagination will do the rest.

5. paint number one to ten on squares of wrap and make an indoor popping hopscotch
bubble wrap creative

5 creative uses

1. make funky gift wrap. you could paint the bubble wrap back or first cover it in normal paper to make the present nice and bright. top with a bow and we’re good to go

2. Make bubble wrap sculpture.  There are many more elaborate ones on the internet but i like this little frog

3. Paint the bubbles to make a typographical 3-D poster or inject bubbles with coloured water, more fiddly but a cleaner look.

4. Pour melted chocolate over  the wrap to make unique decorations for desserts and cupcakes

5. Same principle as no.3 make a portrait painting of your family pet, your fav musician or loved one for your home

For more tutorials and for any links check out the bubble wrap board on pinterest


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2 thoughts on “15 Uses: Bubble Wrap

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    • Thanks for the ideas
      For all our English speakers here is google translate’ Wrap with air bubbles , besides amusing game can be used as a sealant to a window that they are taking in cold air in the winter and as insulation around your potted plants to protect them from the cold . But a very nice and practical idea is to make a calendar or advent calendar’

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