Look Local: Primo’s Hot Dogs

dogPrimo’s has been my favourite place to eat in Leeds town center for at least two years and it’s still top of my list whenever i visit whether that’s for breakfast or lunch. Its a relaxed cafe come diner in Leeds Corn Exchange and its main fare are it’s gourmet Hot Dogs. Most of its seating is in the central area of the exchange so you can watch the hustle and bustle of shoppers in the many boutiques and spy on the better off folks dinning at Antony’s open planned restaurant on the basement floor below (extremely over priced, small plates but super tasty).    This really is a simple but one of a kind place

primo outside

A review of this place could not be so if we didn’t talk about the dogs and it’s easy to with this place. I have tried all 8 of their regular menu and i can honestly say i enjoyed them all each with their own unique dog/ toppings but some i keep coming back for more. My favourites are Matador and Picante which are both spicey and full of flavour, especially the Matador which has a chorizo dog as its base.  If you want the classic flavour go for Classic Chicago. Duh. Beef frankfurter with white onion, pickles, tomatoes and lashings of mustard. Nom nom nom, my mouth is just drooling trying to write this. If you can’t decide and your really hungry, buy one hot dog on a Thursday and get another for a pound, or if your trying not be a greedy pig go with a friend. £5.25 for two hot dogs is great and  the drinks are reasonably priced too.

primo inside

Although i’d like some couches to lounge on and i feel its a bit too beige their colour scheme they have some fun posters and advertisements on display which brighten up the place. Better still sit in the main corn exchange area rather then ‘inside’ and you’ll have plenty to look at. The also sell ice cream, lolly pops, jelly beans and a whole host of ‘retro’ sweets and cereals, a rather strange niche but it seems to work. Plus it’s the only place i can get Nerds for a reasonable price not online.

If hot dogs or sweets arn’t your thing then they’ve still got salads, cubanos’ (sandwiches) and sides to order which are all equally tasty and their breakfast range, though small, always hits the spot. Crispy bacon bagel is a perfect Sunday pick me up and doesn’t feel as bad as your standard greasy bacon sarnie, being made from a delicious dry cured bacon that’s deep red and brown. If your the first customer you seems to get quite a bit more bacon too, thanks to the lovely staff. Small team as i always see the same people working but they are all lovely, friendly and fast which is another reason the place feels like such a relaxed place. Food is quick but you never feel the need to rush.


Primo’s do so well because they have a small but delicious menu and the food is what they focus on. The word gourmet get batted around alot but primo’s is the real deal, amazingly tasty and good quality food but quick like the fast food world intended.


X xxx


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