In the World: Mandy Pattullo

Stag- Mandy Pattullo

A new years resolution perhaps or a long idea and goal within the artist mind, Mandy Pattullo says:
‘I don’t want to buy new anymore and pursue what I call a thread and thrift vision’
The Northumberland textile designer and artist uses vintage and thrifted fabrics to create her collages, particularly pieces which have show a previous craft applied, for instance embroidery, or have a unique tarnished look from their past. This appreciation of history and that old does not necessarily mean defunct, instantly connects me to her unique and naturally heartwarming pieces.

Orange Skirt - Mandy Pattullo

Pattullo also creates garments from old quilts inspiring a boho style look but still easily wearable for a wander around the shops. I enjoy the added embellishments and layering techniques and adore the most brightly coloured ones

About Me - Mandy Pattullo

As an artist Pattullo has been able to explore her own projects rather then rely on the customer. Her personal interest in Victorian cemeteries has inspired two exhibits both dealing in ideas of memory. As well as featuring her use of vintage textiles, she also used her other passions for printmaking and paper ephemera collages to add to the experience and create a haunting but absorbing collection.

sewing collage- Mandy Pattullo

View more of her collections on her Website or read more about herself and works on her aptly named blog Thread and Thrift She also teaches printmaking and mixed media classes so check  her out if your interested and in the area.

Hope you enjoyed this little view


X xxx


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