Everyday Etsy: Come Fly with Me

Today’s shopping guide is based on vintage travel and the fun of flying. If you pop back later today you’ll see why i picked todays theme but other then that its because there are some smashing finds out there in the Etsy world, so go have a look!
come fly with me I love the blue cardboard suitcase by alanaclemens, its a great, cheaper alternative for home decor compared to original vintage suitcases that can sometimes be on the pricer side, so if you want it for decoration then i’d opt for this one especially as you have the option to personalise it. The simple globe personalised stationary from naomilynn is a lovely piece to send to friends and family when your away on adventures. My heart for this week though belongs to whimsicalcraftss whoses Postal theme washi tape just makes me go I WANT. I can just imagine wrapping up presents and parcels with these just for the joy of seeing the recipient’s face. To see the rest of the shops, check out my treasury on Etsy.


X xxx


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