15 uses: Old Music

This week in the UK has seen some major closures on the high street, namely HMV and Blockbusters both sell/rent music, DVDs and games . They have both gone into administration as the claim as a result of being unable to compete with the online market place. The outcome will be the lost of 4000 jobs from each company. It appears they did not act fast enough when it came to evolve as a company and it seems pretty silly almost considering that the internet was obviously in full swing and evidently the future even over a decade ago. Businesses must evolve but this is not a new concept to the music industry, first vinyl, then cassettes and now CDs are fading into obscurity remaining the joy of only avid collectors and hoarders. However there is hope yet because you crafty people can turn the defunked into something funky. Here are 5 uses each for vinyl, cassette and CD, what will you make?

5 uses for old vinyl

1. A clock. Many of these are sold on etsy and i love the look of theme but why just stick to black. You can paint Vinyl in any colour combination you want. They also have a handy center hole so you can attach a clock mechanism straight away.

2. Bowls, There are many tutorials online for melting bowls so google for instructions. Once again why don’t you paint it in your own colour scheme rather then leaving it black, you can make lots of coordinating pieces

3. Coasters. Carefully cut out the central disc to make easy and fun coasters for any music lover.

3. Cake stand. Attach ready made cake stand attachments or charity shop vases to vinyl using smaller ones for the top

5. Book ends. Use a hot glue gun to attach several vinyls to a metal base and you’ve got instant cool book ends.

cassette copy

5 uses for old cassette tapes

1. Got an artistic flare, create some rock start art with the tape, glue in place and attach to your wall. The Jimi Hendrix one is my favourite

2. Use the winding wheels, pins and tape to make a typography piece. Glue each wheel and pin in place, wrap the tape around the points and glue ends together, making sure its pulled taut.

3. Make a interesting light box by threading cord or wire through the holes in the cassettes, string each together and forming a box. There is no exact way to do the threading  but its probably easy to go in a snakes and ladders shape going up, across, down, across, repeat.

4.  Use the tape as you would thread or wool and crochet something. Bag would be the most practical as i think a hat or scarf might be a bit prickly

5. Using the same principal as the cassette light box, string together tapes to make a chair cover. For the seat part you might want to use strong cable for the threading so you don’t fall through it.CDs copy

5 ideas for old CDs

1. I had to include this because it just made me laugh. Store your bagel in a CD holder ready for lunch. Simple but effective

2. Use glue to cover CD in pretty fabric or paper to make lovely coasters.

3. Cut up CDs to make a reflective wind chime for the garden. Attach pieces to cord and hang from trees, you can even add bells for a musical charm.

4. Smash up CDs and glue the pieces to a polystyrene ball.Add a loop of cord to the top and you have a disco ball. The music might of stopped but you can still party.

5. Though Christmas is now long gone its always good to collect inspiration for next year . Glue nativity or snow scenes to CDs and hang with some ribbon to your tree

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