Folksy Friday: New Start

The new year has always been a time for new starts, getting organised and a feeling of fresh chances. Today’s Folksy Friday is dedicated to some wonderful stationary and calendars to get you ready for the coming year and help you make sure you stay organised. After the spendathon that is December people often cut back in January and buy only what they need. I have included a few art pieces because i think that beautiful work can also be a necessity especially in the dark winter months. Art doesn’t have to be expensive nor do you need a PHD in Modern Art to enjoy it , If you love a piece then that’s all that matters.

New StartOut of this beautiful collection my picks for the week are the flower stem holder from Ikebana Pots, a simple design that can show off the best of flowers without any arranging, perfect to brighten up a winters day. Secondly, I am a big fan of Pebbleandbee whose beautiful ink and watercolour designs, including the tree calendar above, have warming tones and the feel of nature. Wonderful little shop. To back up my theory that beautiful art doesn’t have to be expensive, i choose Lucy Reynolds Parrot Giclee Print which is bright, fun and imaginative and at £9 is an absolute bargain for a unique cheerful piece.

What cheers you up on a gloomy January day?


x xxx


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