15 Uses: Scrap Paper

The recycling bins lingering at the bottom of the garden are still overflowing with the deludge of Christmas festivities that bring with it extra bottles of mulled wine, plastic packaging from an excessive amount of cheese and gift wrap  and cards coming out hour ears. To ease the congestion till the bins resume normal duties hears some ideas for any scrap paper that you might be tempted to put in the recycle bin. 5 Simple ideas for staying organised and stationary smart this new year, 5 gift wrap and cards ideas, because Birthdays still happen in January and 5 interesting home decorations.
scrap paper stationary


5 Ideas for the office

1. A scrap envelope note book. People actually sell these on Etsy and i can’t believe people buy them. Keep all your used envelopes from friends, banks and junk mail, cut each ones edges so you have two separate rectangles. Once you have a nice stack of them, fold one to find a center fold and use this as a marker for your spine. You can either staple or sew the pieces together to make a quick booklet for doodles or notes.

2. Use colourful scrap paper to brighten up your drawing pencils, a bit of pvc brushed on to lengths of paper then wrap them around. Paint an other layer of glue over the top to seal.

3. Use little squares of scrap paper to make days for a calendar. Glue the squares on to a piece of card, titled with each month, write the day  numbers in each corner, string together all the months using a hole punch and ribbon. You can hang it up with the ribbon too so you never miss a date

4.  Once you’ve made the booklet in no. 1 you could cover the outside with cardboard to make a firm cover and decorate that with other pieces of scrap paper.

5.  Make heart shaped corner protectors/book marks. You will need to cut a heart shape and a triangle that fits in to the point of the heart and goes up to the start of the heart curve. Place these pieces together then use some coloured electrical tape to bind the edges. The triangle can now be used to slot on to a page.scrap paper presents

5 Ideas for Giftwrap and cards

1. Use scraps of paper or old envelopes to make new ones to send cards and letters to loved ones, decorate with more scrap paper and stamps.

2. You can make lots of attractive decorations for simple wrapped presents. The example is one of my favourites. Cut out circles of colourful paper and sew them together to make a long banner, wrap around the gift and it instantly looks more professional and special

3. Make scrap bows with thin lengths of paper folded in to loops and then glued/stapled in place.

4. You can make easy homemade cards by using bits of paper to make classic pictures like balloons, birthday cakes or hearts.

5. Why not make a scrap heart decoration for parties or even to adorn a present. Cut out lots of hearts, starting with the largest and getting smaller and smaller. Sew them all together right down the center so the edges can flare out and create a 3D effect

scrap paper decoration5 Ideas for home decoration

1. Long strips of plain white paper make this striking lampshade above but you could use different colours for your own room.

2. Glue petal shaped scraps together into a circular bowl shape for a simple catch for coffee tables or near the front door. Glue a bead or gem into the center to cover the glue at the middle.

3. A plain blank canvas can be transformed with simple shapes in block colours,  experiement with different shapes and positions before you start gluing.

4. Keep killing the plants? Make a paper leafed tree for your house and you will never need to water it. Use real twigs or wire wrapped in paper/fabric/tape and glue on leaf shaped paper pieces

5. A simple shaped hole punch can create a colourful art piece in minutes rather then hours. Pick a shape and then find complementary or contrasting colours to make a simple poster that you can frame for any room in the house


Check on the pinterest board for all credits and further ideas and tutorials. What do you want upcycling??? i’d love for some more ideas on things to look out for.


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