10 Things

Since we are celebrating the New Year this week i thought i would share a little list of things I want to do this year and some things i’d like to improve. Even though new year resolutions seem cliched i think they are a great reminder that we need to give ourselves a fresh start often because lets face it none of us are perfect.

Dijion Mustard Colour Scheme
1. I’d like to decorate a room fully. We are planning to move sometime this Spring and since we’ve only lived in parents/students/rental houses there has never been a chance to decorate it exactly in the way we want. Design inspiration for dinning/ kitchen will be our French Dijion Mustard pot, Yellow, Blue and Red

Gonna be a new top some day soon2. Make more Clothes. With Christmas out of the way and a new year ahead i’d like to spend more time making clothes for myself and practicing my dressmaking skills. Starting with making a blouse from my Birthday sewing fabric

harry and jonas3. Visit Jonas & Aline. My partner Harry spent a year studying in France while we were at University (which was sad missing him for a whole year but i had a great time visiting) and he met Jonas who has now become a very important and special friend to both of us. He has just got engaged this Christmas to his girlfriend Aline so we are looking forward to visiting them in France soon to celebrate!

Sophisticated tea party with tequila plan
4. Have a cocktail tea party with my best girlfriends. I love hosting parties and would love to do a classic tea party with a cocktail twist for my closet girlfriends. With us all so busy its easy to forget to make the effort and it would be nice to plan a get together. Plus want to use my new tea set!

caella5. Go on Holiday with Harry. I would love for my and Harry to spend a long week away somewhere in the sun. Its been so long since i went on a beach Holiday and it would be great to share a personal romantic getaway with Harry before i feel we are too busy to do anything.

Dig for Victory
6. Make more of Gardening. I would like to grow more plants this year both indoors and out and would love to grow something to eat more then just a herb garden

adventures please7.  Go on an Adventure. One of my best friends is Edwina and she is (by law!) my travel buddy/partner in crime. It would be great to go on another adventure with her, whether home or abroad.

Cookbooks Galore, time to get cooking
8. Practice cooking. Though i think i am a pretty decent cook, i want to practice more exact recipes. i can throw together tasty meals and adapt recipes from leftovers and cupboard essentials but i would like to do more advanced meals. I got 6 recipe books for Christmas so i’ve got alot of recipes to choose from

Lets get Snap Happy
9. Take more photos. Blogging has helped me think more about photographing what i am up to and what crafts i’m doing so i would like to extend this and make sure i take more pics of my life, friends, family, food, visits and crafts.

what happened next?10. Start a new job. Though i enjoy making my products for the shop, i know it is going to be a slow process until i can use it as my main/only source of income. Nothing is for definite as of the moment but there could be some exciting developments in the next few months that could see me with a new job that i’ll love.

Any new year resolutions or lists you’ve made?


X xxx


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