Attack of the Brussel Sprouts!

Evil Brussel Sprouts!Its Christmas day, the living room is strewn with paper, the dog is getting inexplicable tangled in tinsel, Granddads already asleep and your about to munch down on a delicious dinner and stuff yourself senseless. Yet a sinister villain has crept in among the festivities, he’s green, he smells but its not the grinch! It is of course the evil brussel sprout which we all endure every Christmas dinner even though we don’t even like them! Why i hear you ask…tradition is the answer. I have always hated brussel sprouts, that was until I found this recipe on A beautiful Mess Blog. The simple roasting of brussels instead of boiling their ass off coupled with a sprinkle of lemon, oil oilve and salt has truly converted me and it shall be the way to serve them this Christmas indeed. I sprinkle a few additions of my own, namely pepper (as i am mad for it) and a little orange peel (just to add a little more of a festive touch)
I just wanted to tell you that i now am a convert and you should try it this way too if your a brusselphobe

Other then dinner, is everyone ready for ding dong merrily on highs yet or are you flapping round town in a blind panic, still finding the perfect present for your Aunt Erma? Lorna X xxx


2 thoughts on “Attack of the Brussel Sprouts!

  1. I love brussel sprouts, even with their asses boiled off. I have never tried a roasted brussel sprout, but will have to try this recipe. It sound lovely and fun.
    Luckily I’m done with my shopping, still got some wrapping to do, but mostly my mind has now turned to food.
    Thanks for the recipe.

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