15 Uses: Old Books

The best thing to do with a book is to read it, but once you’ve read some once then you might not want to read them again. Send them to charity shops or to a friend by all means but think about turning a book into something completely different and inspire a different kind of story. I have found some brilliant ways to upcycle old and used books, 5 furniture ideas, 5 for artistic uses and 5 ideas for the kids.

books into furniture

5 Ideas to furnish your home

1. This is truly inspirational. A rug made from book spines. A great talking point and would make your hallway or living room look brilliant.

2. A simple table with spines as the table top. You would need to have shaped legs for the ends but simply put you just need to drill a hole at the same level all the way through the books and then secure with a metal rod and a nut at the end.

3. A book room partition. Could also make a brilliant secret door entrance, if attached to french doors.

4. A unique lamp stand made with several heavy books. Best made with a removable lapshade so you can drill holes through the books and slip them over the top of the light.

5. Make a whole bar with lots of discarded books. I have seen this done in a library with out of date journals. Simple building blocks but an amazing effect.childrens books
5 ideas for children made from childrens books

1. Use childrens alphabet books to make a mural of the first letter of your Child’s name. Bright, colourful and educational.

2. Create a colouring carry case out of an old book cover with handles added and some internal pockets. Great for a trip to somewhere interesting so they can draw their day out

3. Got a book the kids really don’t like? Make a monster out of it to make a buddy for a reading corner.

4. Use pictures from books your children don’t read any more to make a nice montage for their room or in the example a decoration for Christmas

5. Children’s picture books come in use again to make cheap and cheerful bunting for a nursery.

book art

5 Artistic Uses for old books

1. A simple but easy craft . Cut circle from old book pages and glue them on to sphere. Balloons would be cheap and easy to use, especially to hang from the ceiling.

2. Lots of flexible book sheets and lots of hot glue. Create a center piece for the table or your mantel. The rose above is beautiful especially with the colours painted on it.

3. I see alot of these for sale on Etsy and Folksy, and if you are the artistic type you could draw a beautiful one yourself. Find a page in a dictionary with the  word you want to draw and make it as colourful as you want. Give it a frame and you have a beautiful wall decoration.

4. Use botanical prints to make a beautiful cover for mini plant pots or candle holders. Simple glue in place and you have unique decorations for the home.

5. If you have the patience and skills you could make some intrinsic art within a book. A craft knife, some paint and a steady hand required.

Beautiful books in beautiful ways. I think if you really love a book you could search a charity shop for another copy and imortalise it forever in your home by making it into one of the pieces of art above. Check out the pinterest board Old Books for tutorials and ideas


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31 thoughts on “15 Uses: Old Books

  1. What fantastic ideas! if only I had a creative bone in my body I would be doing all of those things! I think I had better stick to reading books and reviewing them. You liked a post on Sales Academy 2012 that I wrote and thank you for that. I have added a newer version of it as I had done something incorrectly so had to repost and delete the other one, if you could like that one I would be really grateful, thanks

  2. I love your creative ideas for recycling old books. I have shelves filled with books, but I’m a hoarder and books are my passions, so I don’t give too many away. I hold on to them thinking one of my girls or grandchildren might want to read them some day. In the meantime, I could pare down my shelves by using some of your creative ideas. Best of all, that leaves me room for more books!

    • Thank you, glad you liked it. I have to say though not all my thinking but i would love to do some exciting DIY with old books. Check out the pinterest board for the original sources. Why don’t you make some floating shelves from big books and then store more books, problem solved :)

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