Birthday Weekend

It was my Birthday last weekend and i thought i’d share with you a few snaps from a few fun days and some of the goodies i got from family and friends. Couldn’t help but feel a bit old even though i know i’m not, if that makes any sense.

tailors dummyrice puddingpaul vs champagnetrivial pursuitteafabricbagMy new tailors dummy and i canny wait to start making something lovely to wear, thank you Mufasa!  The best rice pudding i have ever had with honey baked fig on top which i had at the Wellington Inn near Lund. Paul, my Step dad’s, attempts at opening champagne went horribly wrong but luckily there was still enough left over for him to sup. A good old game of trivial pursuit with what was left of the champs! A beautiful set of teas all tasting lovely, though the lapsang souchong was very smokey and i can imagine cooking with it more then drinking it. Some beautiful new fabric featuring sewing implements and my new smelly goat leather bag from Lorton and Horn  which i love!


x xxx



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