15 uses: Leftovers

Bit of an unusual 15 uses this week but never the less still a very important use of everyday ‘rubbish’ and that is leftovers. I have focused on some of the main things that people have at the end of the week that might not be up to scratch. They might need a little titivating or maybe even transformed into something completely unique but the best thing to do is to make sure you don’t waste that tasty food or waste your hard earned cash. I will know doubt do another leftovers 15 uses but for now here are some great ideas for bread, salad and dairy and not all are recipes surprisingly.
salad leftover

5 uses for leftover salad

One of the biggest amounts of household food waste comes from leftover salad particularly whole lettuces and pre packaged bags of leafy greens. Here are some super ways to make sure you can reuse every last bit of that salad even if its going slightly brown at the sides, don’t worry it won’t make you ill.

1. Salad smoothie-Not every ones taste but you can add other ingredients to make it more appealing such as berries and bananas. Its an easy way to get your 5 a day.

2. Grow it. If you buy whole lettuce heads you can plant the stump and watch it grown. Treat like any salad plant, watering regularly especially in hot weather and protecting it from frost in the colder months, perhaps bringing it inside. You can then cut off only the salad you need and reduce your waste

3. A simple salad soup- Sounds quite bland but its actually really tasty and light. Most recipes seem to recommend a cold soup but i’m not a big fan so would go for warm. All you need is chicken/veg stock, some potato, onion and your salads, simmer till potatoes are tender and blend. Add herbs and spices for more depth and experimentation

4. Painting block- Make a stamp out of the stalk of a lettuce and you have a ready made way to add a bit of character to plain wrapping paper and cards/envelopes

5. No Pesto Pesto- I really want to try this! Instead of using basil, pine nuts and Parmesan, use cheaper alternatives of old salad leaves, mixed nuts and cheddar cheese. A different taste admittedly but a good way to use up leftovers and great for a pasta lunch in a hurry. As always experiment.

dairy leftover

5 uses for leftover Dairy

Nothing worse then taking a big gulp of milk or gobbling a huge spoonful of yogurt with jam to find its gone off and you’ve got a sour sick taste in your mouth. Don’t worry though help is at hand and you can save those little bits you forgot about.

1. Make riccotta cheese from old milk- the link on the pinterest board has a great tutorial and would be a really great way to salvage that spoiled milk

2. Frozen Yogurt- You can make lovely ice lollies with yogurt which turns out more like a creamy milk lolly. Add fruit for more texture and flavour, allowing for some juice to mingle with the yogurt to get a fuller flavour

3. Smoothie to the rescue-  Yogurt and fruit meet blender. Jobs a goodun!

4. Use little bits of cheese and left over veg to make savoury scones for lunch. Tasty and waste reducing.

5. Follow the recipe on the pinterest board to make a cheese spread which is the perfect way to use up loads of little bits of old, dried and cracked cheese.
bread leftovers5 uses for Stale Bread

Another big problem is bread which can often get stale and inedible before you get to smack some peanut butter on it. Stale bread is easy to salvage as you can see by the recipes below and if there is a little bit of mould on it just cut it off and make use of the rest with one of these ideas.

1. Panade- Great idea for both stale bread and past its best vegetables. Make a really hearty meal thats quick to put together, all you have to do is bang it in the oven.

2. Bird feeders- Cut out shapes in stale bread using a cookie cutter, attach a loop of string to hang (poke a hole through the bread), spread with peanut butter and cover with bird seed. I’m sure your neighbourhood birds would appreciate it in this weather. brrrr.

3. Fancy bread and butter pudding- Use any spices and flavours to create a unqiue bread and butter pudding but to make it more filling use some stewed or roasted fruit like pears or apples as in the example above.

4. Panzanella- A classic way to revitalise stale bread. Soaked in tomato juice, vinegar and oilve oil the bread makes this salad a substantial meal. Some recipes call for toasting the bread first and other let the bread soak up the juices making them soggier, but i like a mix so you get both textures and flavours of soft and toasted.

5. Ribollita-  Another perfect dish for using up leftovers and not just bread. Toss in anything from the fridge or cupboard that needs using up and you’ve got a brilliant soup to eat. Ribollita means re boiled as it would often be made in a big batch and eaten again and again throughout the week so this is one that tastes better the day after.

Hope you enjoyed the more unusual take on 15 uses, you can check out full recipes and tutorials on my pinterest board 15 uses: leftovers . What is the one thing that you waste the most when it comes to food? I’d like to find some more helpful recipes and activities for another edition. Maybe though your as good as gold and manage to control your food waste, if so well done! If you want a little bit of help though….check out http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com for some really useful info and more great recipes.


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