A simple Christmas: Paper tree

christmas crafting

Another simple christmas creation which is great for the mantel piece or your coffee table. Make a few to create a little pine forest. This can take a long time to make just one because of the amount of paper you use but the results are worth it.

You will need: A large yogurt pot lid, Lots of scrap paper, pinking shears, a skewer or thrifty equivalent, gold card, green and gold spray paint.

paper tree from recycled materials1. Firstly, spray paint the yogurt lid gold or green. Make sure you are outside or in a well ventilated room, and protect any surfaces with a cover. Allow to dry for an hour.

2. Insert the skewer into the center of the lid with the point sticking upwards. The length of the skewer will determine the height. I used an old pen cartridge for mine. You can find more uses for old pens here

3. Cut out Squares using the pinking shears, starting with the largest that you want to form the base of the tree. Make smaller and smaller ones as you build up to the top.

4. Put each square on the skewer and try get in around the center but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Arrange each square so it is at a different angle to the one before it, giving the tree the appearance of branches and volume.

5. Once You’ve Reached the top, using the smaller and smaller pieces, spray paint the tree green with as much or as little as you like. Using white paper gives a snowy effect but most scrap paper you’ll want to cover completely. Once dried i sprayed a light dusting of gold on to it so it shimmered more

6. I then created a origami star to attach on the tip of the pen. The folds hook on but you can glue it into position to make it more secure. Instructions for the star are here. I used a simple 4 point one but you can get as elaborate as you want.
recycled paper christmas tree
A cute little tree and all made from recycled materials, great for all that promotional junk mail you get over the festive period.


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