Shop News: Donation December

veggySince it is the season of sharing and giving i shall be donating 75p from each purchase from the shop to a charity i have only just found but who share an ideal which i fully support and believe in. This crazy idea they have is that every one deserves to eat and eat well, and furthermore that the excessive food waste in this country can be distributed to those who need it rather then give it to a greedy landfill. Crazy idea right????fareshare

The Charity is Fare Share, a UK organisation that provides quality food to those who can’t afford it and training and education on food and cookery. They also campaign about food waste, the worst of which comes from supermarkets and food outlets like restaurants and cafes. Last week i blogged about finding out some astonishing facts about the affect of austerity Britain has had on UK diets. I decided to do a little bit more research and came across Fare Share. I can not stand waste, not only money wise but also the effect on the environment, and their message really spoke to me. Why let people go hunger when there is plenty to share around and that is what Fair Share is all about.

To sum up, buy anything from Maker’s Meadow whether from Folksy or Etsy this  December and i will donate 75p in your name to Fare Share via Just Giving or donate personally using my Just Giving page

Seasons Greetings
X xxx


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