Folksy Friday: Cocktail Crazy

We love beer but we know that is not every ones tipple so this weeks Folksy Friday is for those who like it shaken not stirred (apologies) and all the paraphernalia you need to make a delicious cocktail for the Christmas or New Years party. But if you do like beer you haven’t missed out as we did gifts for beer lovers last week.

These are perfect ideas for my sister, she is mad for cocktails and is slowly building up her bar in her new house, so i definately want to get something from this collection for her. The Mojito cocktail gift set from Growing Gifts, a gift that will keep on giving, hangover included. If you really want to splash the cash get a vintage highboard to store all your liquor and glasses, a pretty nice piece from Contempory Living The top tasty cocktail gift of the week though are the Gin and Tonic cufflinks from Birdcage creative, really quirky and a perfect stcking stuffer for the gin loving dude in your life.

What is your favourite product? and more importantly whats your favourite cocktail? I am mad for Mojito to be honest so might buy that gift set for myself ;)

x xxx


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